Patient Engagement

doctor and elderly patient on iPad
By Erin McCann 08:13 pm April 12, 2015
If you request a copy of your medical records, chances are it won't take long to find a mistake -- a mistake that could cost you big time down the road.
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By John Andrews 03:42 pm April 12, 2015
OpenNotes advocates are predicting a groundswell of public support for giving patients access to physician notes as part of their medical profile, saying it will help patients understand their diagnoses better and catch potential errors in their profiles.
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By Gus Venditto 03:37 pm April 12, 2015
"I don't think I've been more excited that I have been in the last year about the possibility of solving the problems we're facing," said Sanaz Cordes, MD.
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By Eric Wicklund 02:57 pm April 12, 2015
Hospitals and health systems are facing some serious competition for the consumer's attention, and it's coming from payers and employers.
Analytics data
By Eric Wicklund 02:54 pm April 12, 2015
As the raft of apps, connected devices and wearables become part of the Health Internet of Things providers will gain the ability to not only predict health events but also take steps to avoid them.
By Chris Anderson 08:06 am April 10, 2015
Building out its FusionFX patient portal, Harris Healthcare Solutions new mobile app essentially enables users to view their health data from just about anywhere.
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By Scott Tharler 07:41 am April 10, 2015
In addition to sitting on several boards, the entrepreneur and HIMSS15 Social Media Ambassador volunteers at hospitals working with a renowned clown troupe.
By Stephanie Bouchard 05:33 am April 10, 2015
(SPONSORED) Healthcare organizations throughout the US are striving to engage patients in their care. A recent survey suggests that even though these organizations are embracing the concept of patient engagement, their leaders aren't certain that current efforts are fulfilling the vision.
Vital signs
By Chris Anderson 12:25 pm April 09, 2015
The software, dubbed Tensio, integrates with Apple HealthKit and related devices to enable patients to be more effective partners in their own care.
By Eric Wicklund 05:24 pm April 08, 2015
At HIMSS15, Joe Kvedar, MD, will share a status update on connected health. Hint: Despite the exuberance around wearables, some providers are taking notice of what they can accomplish with the data.