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Winston Armstrong and Sandeep Chandra talk about hybrid cloud
By 12:49 pm July 02, 2018
Winston Armstrong, CISO at the San Diego Super Computer Center, and Sandeep Chandra, director of health cyberinfrastructure at the same center, both tout the benefits of a hybrid cloud. But key safeguards are needed to keep it secure.
Richard Staynings talks about vendors at HIMSS Security Forum
By 12:27 pm July 02, 2018
Richard Staynings, a cybersecurity evangelist with Clearwater Compliance and a HIMSS Cybersecurity Committee member, advocates for providers to make sure its third-party tools work well together and do not create unwanted vulnerabilities.
Chris Bowen, chief privacy and security officer at ClearDATA, talks to HIMSS TV
By 12:17 am July 02, 2018
Chris Bowen, chief privacy and security officer at ClearDATA, says platforms need to enable their customers to innovate by giving them peace of mind about their security.
making cybersecurity a priority for healthcare from the c-suite
By 03:54 pm June 27, 2018
Allyson Vicars,  associate director of health IT research at The Advisory Board, says the best course for executives is to keep it simple by bringing forth viable and easy understood plans that hospital staff can get behind.
Lee Kim of HIMSS Analytics talks about cybersecurity with HIMSS TV
By 08:55 am June 27, 2018
Lee Kim, director of privacy and security at HIMSS, says the industry has a long way to go to be able to fend off next WannaCry or Petya. But the good news is collaboration is happening across healthcare to better get prepared.
prevent cybersecurity attacks in healthcare
By 08:52 am June 27, 2018
Michael Gold, vice president of analytics and technology at the Midwest Health Collaborative, says it starts with educating users to become healthcare's front line of defense.
Adam Culbertson talking at Dev4Health about APIs
By 04:44 pm May 10, 2018
Adam Culbertson, HIMSS innovator-in-residence, looks at the possibilities tied to open-source development.
By 11:05 am September 11, 2017
Barry Herrin, principal at Herrin Health Law, says spending more money on security technology will only accomplish diminishing returns. Instead, hospitals should take a broader view of people and processes, implementing risk management frameworks such as NIST SP 800-53 and partnering with external threat groups such as InfoGuard and the FBI.
By 11:03 am September 11, 2017
At the HIMSS Healthcare Security Forum, the chief information security officer of Penn Medicine describes the state of cybersecurity in 2017 – from the potential incidents that keep him awake at night to emerging signs of encouragement. He also explains why military veterans have the right skill sets for IT and security work.  
By 11:02 am September 11, 2017
With security risks on all sides, healthcare providers must have a game plan. At the HIMSS Healthcare Security Forum, former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge lays out the top things they should be doing right now to gain visibility into the threats – and how they should be planning for the future – while explaining the...

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