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Dr. Manish Kohli, HIMSS Enterprise Board Chair
By HIMSS TV 02:26 pm November 27, 2018
Dr. Manish Kohli, HIMSS Enterprise Board Chair, discusses physician burn-out and delivering insights for better clinical decision making, adding that success will come when the technology becomes invisible while patients are in front of doctors and nurses.
Christiana Care Health System CSIO Anahi Santiago.
By HIMSS TV 02:49 pm November 14, 2018
Christiana Care Health System CISO Anahi Santiago discusses why hospitals have to invest in security tools to stay ahead of cyberthreats, but that it's just as important to focus on people and process as it is on technology.
John Daniels, VP of HIMSS Analytics
By HIMSS TV 04:59 pm November 09, 2018
John Daniels, VP of HIMSS Analytics, says there is more to digitizing an organization than installing EMR functions, and discusses other adoption and maturity models including artificial intelligence, continuity of care and infrastructure.
Cameron Ballantine
By HIMSS TV 10:29 am November 06, 2018
Cameron Ballantine, A/ Chief Information Officer at Metro South Health, discusses the challenges and rewards of his organization's journey toward becoming Australia's first digitized health service.
Brian Selfridge talks to HIMSS TV
By HIMSS TV 03:12 pm October 17, 2018
Brian Selfridge, partner at IT Risk Management for Meditology, also explains the evolving role of infosec leaders in the healthcare sector – including third-party vendor management.
Darren Lacey talking to HIMSS TV
By HIMSS TV 03:05 pm October 17, 2018
Johns Hopkins Medicine CISO Darren Lacey shares his thoughts on the sector’s inherent problems, ransomware, remaining positive amid those threats and ways to keep up with hackers.
Theresa Payton talking to HIMSS TV
By HIMSS TV 10:17 am October 16, 2018
Theresa Payton, president and CEO of Fortalice Solutions, explains how to avoid digital disasters with a segmentation strategy that includes on-going testing with data, equipment and third-party vendors to put security assumptions to the test.
Javier de Oca
By HIMSS TV 11:18 am September 27, 2018
Iomed Medical Solution CEO Javier de Oca is in the business of generating data specific databases for health systems and believes the time is now to see that data translate into better patient outcomes and sustainable systems for providers.
Aashima Gupta speaking on himss tv
By HIMSS TV 04:29 pm September 20, 2018
Aashima Gupta, global head of Health Solutions at Google Cloud, talks about Google’s approach to technology enabling infrastructure with healthcare industry standards to allows organizations to have more time to innovate.
Anahi Santiago, CISO and Christiana Care Health System talking at Healthcare Security Forum in San Francisco
By HIMSS TV 04:52 pm August 02, 2018
Anahi Santiago, CISO and Christiana Care Health System, discusses strategies healthcare companies can use to stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape.

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