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By 05:26 pm September 27, 2016
This annual report details the evolving cyber attack landscape. By looking globally at the volume, types, perpetrators, enabling factors and changing nature of these threats, organizations can properly adjust their strategies to be more relevant.
By 03:14 pm September 22, 2016
In this white paper, Spyglass Consulting Group, a market intelligence firm focused on the potential of mobile computing & wireless technologies, describes how BYOD is transforming clinical workflow and the future of mobility in healthcare.
By 03:10 pm September 22, 2016
Discover the answers to key questions that Healthcare professionals must consider when building a network that maintains industry needs and creates new possibilities for management, patient and family experience, and patient outcomes.
By 03:04 pm September 22, 2016
Clinical care environments in hospitals are heavily reliant on technology. The growing dependency on devices & applications for workflow has turned hospital LAN & WLAN networks into a complex & critical infrastructure for supporting patient services.
By 11:07 am August 29, 2016
This comprehensive 75-page report details a widespread study of important trends impacting healthcare IT, covering everything from BYOD adoption to application development to consumer wearables.
By 04:15 pm July 28, 2016
Results of a recently conducted cyber security survey of US healthcare providers raises concerns that web security is not the highest priority for providers. Read this survey report to learn more.
By 01:33 pm July 05, 2016
A data breach through a web application attack is one of the strongest weapons in a cyber-criminal’s arsenal. Read this whitepaper to learn a proven, industry-standard approach to determining a company's risk of web application cyber-attacks. 
By 04:54 pm June 30, 2016
Read this executive report to learn detailed cloud security insights about DDoS and web application attack trends observed in Q1 2016 as well as post-attack analysis and intelligence by cyber security and DDoS mitigation experts. 
By 04:35 pm June 28, 2016
HIMSS Analytics recently conducted a cyber security survey of US hospitals. The results raise concerns that many hospitals are vulnerable to a wide range of cyber threats, particularly Web Application Firewall and DDoS attacks.
By 10:01 am May 18, 2016
Forrester Research conducted a study to determine the benefits of Pure Storage's FlashArray Storage solutions that were deployed by St. Luke's Health Care System. The results reveal that users were happier and more productive, operating costs and capital expenditures were reduced, and total cost of ownership made the investment worthwhile.

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