Network Infrastructure

By 12:31 pm September 12, 2017
This report analyzes the risks posed by medical devices, noting various security issues, potential vulnerabilities, and the threat landscape. It also looks at how the healthcare ecosystem is responding to the issues and the vendors driving change.
By 12:28 pm September 12, 2017
This whitepaper identifies opportunities and challenges for physician BYOD solutions and explores how next generation network management solutions support secure deployment, management and monitoring for a wide range of Wi-Fi-enabled devices.
By 12:26 pm September 12, 2017
Discover answers to key questions that Healthcare professionals must consider when building a network designed to maintain industry needs and create new possibilities in healthcare management, the patient and family experience, and patient outcomes.
By 02:04 pm September 05, 2017
Various virtualization technologies provide myriad benefits customizable to fit a variety of organizational needs. This paper details the basics and types of virtualization, as well as ten motivations for switching to a private cloud solution.
By 11:47 am July 31, 2017
The explosion of clinical and research data and the demand for sharing and access has caused unprecedented digital disruption. Those failing to embrace the cloud will experience serious competitive disadvantage and exposure to cybercriminals.
By 03:00 pm July 20, 2017
This e-book is essentially a Mega-Guide on HIPAA Compliant Computer Server Hosting with a straight forward and practical checklist.
By 01:29 pm July 18, 2017
To ensure continued delivery of critical care, Milford Regional Medical Center needed to support its new emergency & intensive care expansion with an innovative structured cabling infrastructure. Learn how MRMC now relies on a robust, future-proofed.
By 10:55 am June 27, 2017
Due to concerns about security, transparency, availability and uptime – where technology failure can pose a risk to patient safety – some healthcare professionals hesitate to move to the cloud. While these apprehensions may be valid, they are surmountable. As this eBook shows, HIMSS17 provided an excellent venue to discuss how various...
By 03:51 pm June 13, 2017
Dallas-based Parkland Health & Hospital implemented a Zebra technology solution to create a mobile-enabled workforce at its new state-of-the-art hospital campus, which enabled the nursing staff to focus on what’s most important—patient care.
By 12:47 pm June 07, 2017
In response to the current threat landscape, the Windows 10 architecture has evolved dramatically. As this infographic shows, rather than merely building bigger walls, it's locking out cybercriminals with modern, comprehensive protection.

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