Network Infrastructure

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By 10:00 am November 15, 2019
Attendees will hear from two industry veterans on how hospitals can achieve seamless movement of patient needs to the caregiver and caregiver interactions. They will also discuss the unique balance of enterprise strategy, innovation intent, and organization dynamics to maximize the benefits of technology.
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By 12:20 pm October 21, 2019
Despite widespread EHR usage, many clinicians and care teams still struggle with exchanging information. And although interoperability promises to unite data across various sites, every organization is different, requiring a tailored interoperability solution to fit their specific needs.
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By 12:25 pm October 17, 2019
Leading healthcare organizations are transforming the industry, using new digital tools such as wearable sensors, AV systems, telemedicine and mobile apps to create lower-cost services that are smarter and more patient-centered. In this emerging data-driven world, now is the time for healthcare providers to prepare for their infrastructure.
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By 05:31 pm October 09, 2019
An outdated fallacy about the cloud may be holding back your organization. Today, the nearly ubiquitous cloud is opening up possibilities for personalized medicine and data-driven advancements in healthcare.
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By 05:28 pm October 09, 2019
As CIOs across healthcare strive to find ways to optimize their business models, grow their revenue and reach, and reduce costs, they are turning to the public cloud for improved agility, data sharing and analytics insights. But they must be aware of many misunderstandings that surround the modern cloud.
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By 04:53 pm September 27, 2019
Technology offers exciting opportunities for modern healthcare. However, it is vital that the right underlying network infrastructure is in place, if new technology investments are to reach their maximum potential.
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By 01:00 pm July 17, 2019
The healthcare industry is under pressure to transform IT operations in the face of new technologies and increased regulation. As healthcare organizations work hard to simplify operations and add new applications and services, legacy IT infrastructure is no longer able to meet their needs. Join us on this webinar to learn how Medical University of...
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By 01:00 pm June 26, 2019
The device landscape in the healthcare sector is growing exponentially, adding to the complexity of the network, and making it challenging for IT and security personnel to remain compliant and enforce patient safety and privacy. To better understand the complexity of healthcare networks and potential vulnerabilities, Forescout research...
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By 03:19 pm June 11, 2019
Over the past several decades, the healthcare industry has moved a variety of processes from paper and film to computers and clouds. Yet leaders are still looking for even greater value and efficiency from healthcare information technology.
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By 11:00 am June 11, 2019
Patient care today means handling the growing flow of data that constantly passes within your organization’s network. Find out how healthcare organizations have been using SD-WAN, Software Defined Wide Area Networks, to improve their efficiency, security and lower costs. This counts for not only patient care on-premise but also out in...

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