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By John Moore 09:08 am February 29, 2012
Last week we attended the big healthcare IT confab HIMSS in that grand city of sin, Las Vegas. Nearly every vendor we met with at HIMSS had a story to tell about how they had the solution the market was seeking for ACO enablement.
By Shahid Shah 09:37 am January 11, 2012
Last year I started a series of “Dos and Don'ts” in hospital tech by focusing on wireless technologies. Folks asked a lot of questions about dos and don'ts in other tech areas so here’s a list of more tips and tricks.
By Shahid Shah 08:51 am December 22, 2011
Productivity loss and workflow disruptions are commonplace as our industry gets on the Meaningful Use bandwagon and is starting to adopt EHR systems at a slightly more rapid pace than in previous years (things aren’t really as rosy as many think, but the pace is picking up).
By Carl Natale 08:57 am December 06, 2011
HealthLeaders Media has one of the more interesting reports available.
By John Halamka 08:59 am November 29, 2011
Over the past decade, I've been closely involved in the evolution of clinical summary/transition of care content standards.
By Geoff Webb 08:16 am November 15, 2011
The healthcare industry is under constant pressure to streamline the sharing and availability of information, while at the same time maintaining ever-more rigorous controls over patient privacy, and of course, reducing costs at the same time. Therefore cloud computing offers some significant opportunities, perhaps even more significant than in...
By John Halamka 08:10 am November 01, 2011
When I began my career as a CIO in 1997, success was function of the basics - email delivery, network connectivity, and application functionality. In 2011, CIO success is much more complex to measure.
By John Halamka 09:13 am October 12, 2011
I've written about the implications of staff bringing their own devices to the office instead of using corporate desktops and the challenges of keeping mobile devices secure.
By Shawn Curtiss 08:22 am October 07, 2011
Hospitals and health systems are more technically proficient than ever, as they should be. Yet with all these enabling technologies, many healthcare organizations are still plagued by inefficiencies, lackluster quality scores and uncontrolled costs. Why?
By John Halamka 09:30 am September 14, 2011
No one really knows what an Accountable Care Organization is, but many provider organizations want to be one.

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