Network Infrastructure

By John Halamka 08:44 am November 30, 2012
As I travel the country, I find that CIOs everywhere are struggling with BYOD in particular but remote access more generally.
By Shahid Shah 09:40 am November 15, 2012
Having recently spoken at about a half dozen conferences on the subject of "big data" in government and healthcare I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re focusing, at least in healthcare, on the wrong topic.
By Steve Kilguss 11:34 am November 13, 2012
Not too long ago, healthcare organizations were implementing a range of discrete HIT systems, each designed to address a specific departmental or functional need and each typically provided by a different vendor. Lately, though, some healthcare organizations seem to be looking for unified solutions that can address a wide range of needs
By Joseph C. Kvedar 08:26 am September 05, 2012
One of the concepts that is occupying my mind is that of automated care. Lately I’ve been thinking about it more and more. The burden of chronic illness continues to rise and the size of the provider work force is not keeping up. This manifests as overworked, unhappy providers, particularly in primary care.
By John Halamka 08:19 am June 14, 2012
We begin the first of two compliance planning retreats at BIDMC as part of the Summer of Compliance.
By John Moore 09:08 am February 29, 2012
Last week we attended the big healthcare IT confab HIMSS in that grand city of sin, Las Vegas. Nearly every vendor we met with at HIMSS had a story to tell about how they had the solution the market was seeking for ACO enablement.
By Shahid Shah 09:37 am January 11, 2012
Last year I started a series of “Dos and Don'ts” in hospital tech by focusing on wireless technologies. Folks asked a lot of questions about dos and don'ts in other tech areas so here’s a list of more tips and tricks.
By Shahid Shah 08:51 am December 22, 2011
Productivity loss and workflow disruptions are commonplace as our industry gets on the Meaningful Use bandwagon and is starting to adopt EHR systems at a slightly more rapid pace than in previous years (things aren’t really as rosy as many think, but the pace is picking up).
By Carl Natale 08:57 am December 06, 2011
HealthLeaders Media has one of the more interesting reports available.
By John Halamka 08:59 am November 29, 2011
Over the past decade, I've been closely involved in the evolution of clinical summary/transition of care content standards.

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