By Healthcare IT News 01:00 pm March 26, 2015
Secure, efficient communication is key to reliable patient care. Every situation involving patients requires rapid response, and care needs must be tightly managed and regulated. Learn how two busy healthcare organizations selected a secure chat solution to help improve care transition and enable physicians to more efficiently discuss critical...
By Healthcare IT News 12:08 pm March 24, 2015
In today's healthcare environment, your organization is faced with making significant changes to the way you deliver care in order to remain competitive. New care and payment models mean you need a robust IT infrastructure to collect and analyze data that will help improve the patient experience and reduce costs. A well-thought-out mobile...
By Healthcare IT News 11:17 am February 25, 2015
These interactive computers speed up the waiting process for patients and improves patient experience.
By Healthcare IT News 08:38 am January 28, 2015
The explosion of mobile health and advances in medical technology has been accompanied by a parallel increase in acute-care complexity and coordination challenges. Today, test results, x-rays and even snapshots of wounds can be shared among clinicians in less time than it takes to go from one hospital floor to another, and patients are being...
By Healthcare IT News 08:30 am January 20, 2015
A multitude of health apps competes for consumers' short attention spans and strong desire to get healthy. To draw your audience to your health app, we have gathered experts who will point to key design and research activities that can guide you as you develop a healthy and sustainable app.
By Healthcare IT News 08:29 am January 20, 2015
With the advent of 2014, EHR software is in the spotlight as physicians work toward ONC's Meaningful Use Stage 2 certification. Listen to researchers explain why formative and usability testing are vital to delivering a product that meets the needs of your end users.
By Healthcare IT News 03:19 pm January 05, 2015
On the path toward product development, companies can get waylaid and lose touch with their business objectives. Hit the pause button and clarify your company’s intention and customer value proposition. Following this route will ultimately yield more value than a high-tech tool created in a vacuum.
By Healthcare IT News 03:18 pm January 05, 2015
Technology alone can't change human behavior. Yet technology infused with a deep understanding of human behavior goes a long way toward shifting habits. Learn how to win over and engage consumers by devising mobile apps that play to people's motivations, goals and mental models.
By Healthcare IT News 03:13 pm January 05, 2015
Hop on board the mobile app development bandwagon yet do it with more than the latest technology in your briefcase. Use this whitepaper to guide you toward a well-crafted mobile app that is technologically superior and serves your strategic business goals. You can have both.
By Healthcare IT News 01:35 pm May 19, 2014
Is inefficient patient flow distressing your bottom-line and quality of care? Discover how Beaufort Memorial Hospital improved its patient flow and impacted its bottom-line. In this whitepaper, we discuss key industry issues such as 30-day readmissions, reimbursements, The Joint Commission’s patient-flow requirements, and more. We will review...

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