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By 01:00 pm January 31, 2019
Wi-Fi is pervasive in healthcare. It provides vital connectivity for doctors, clinical data, biomedical devices, guests, and hospital staff. This webinar will describe standards that will aid network managers in implementing a high-performance and secure Wi-Fi network amidst regulatory requirements and cyber-attacks. The presenter will dive into...
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By 05:52 pm October 04, 2018
According to one recent survey, hospitals and health systems are no longer questioning the value – or desire – for Patient-Generated Health Data (PGHD). In fact, they are demanding it. Indeed, a 2018 HIMSS Media report found that 90 percent of those incorporating wearable devices in their workflow see it as a technology strategy that...
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By 05:33 pm September 19, 2018
Founded on the premise that healthcare should be more patient-friendly, a Los Angeles-based provider developed a HIPAA-compliant app that connects patients with doctors, allowing them to schedule on-demand, in-home care. In this case study, learn about their journey to implementing a secure, unified identity management system for employees,...
By Zebra 05:35 pm September 11, 2018
Clinical mobility is transforming care at healthcare facilities around the world and is having a profound impact on doctors, nurses, IT executives and patients. This paper summarizes the results of three global research studies, commissioned by Zebra, to better understand the role of technology in acute care hospitals.
By MobileSmith 12:18 pm June 08, 2018
As opposed to the large-scale, multi-year investments required for more traditional clinical workflow and informatics, patient experience (PX) initiatives can be more agile, taking small measured steps more quickly and improving return-on-investment.
By MobileSmith 12:07 pm June 08, 2018
Healthcare spending comprises nearly 18% of GDP, with $42 trillion projected for chronic disease treatment in 2030. Though healthcare orgs may not be ready for the imminent change to lower these costs, industry leaders like Amazon lurk in the wings.
By MobileSmith 12:03 pm June 08, 2018
With 2,610 providers facing readmission penalties this year, the quest for efficient reduction strategies becomes paramount. As evidenced in this whitepaper, branded hospital apps can help reduce preventable readmissions and curb healthcare costs.
By Connection 03:49 pm June 04, 2018
It's critical that healthcare IT offers solutions that fuel the future. In this episode, HP's Senior Director for Worldwide Healthcare examines some challenges and solutions for patient safety, looks at smarter hardware and explores data security.
By Zebra 01:00 pm February 06, 2018
Hospitals around the globe are investing in mobile computers and it’s redefining the way healthcare is delivered.
By 11:21 am October 04, 2017
This infographic shows how Forrester quantified the specific benefits, costs and metrics of a particular flash storage solution.

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