By John Halamka 08:38 am December 12, 2013
Our teams continue to work on Google Glass applications for Emergency Department workflow improvement.
By Joseph C. Kvedar 08:53 am December 05, 2013
For some, the power of social connections is self-evident. But the impact of social connections goes much deeper than what is obvious on the surface.
By Christina Thielst 08:15 am December 04, 2013
Social technologies are quickly finding their way into care and coordination processes across the entire continuum of health and wellness activities.
By Angela Dunn 09:01 am November 25, 2013
Here are five ways to find inspiration for healthcare innovation from other industries. These approaches may inspire you to adopt new knowledge, and think differently.
By Joseph C. Kvedar 08:48 am November 21, 2013
Making health addictive is really about harnessing the power of our fascination with mobile devices, particularly smartphones. What if we put a personalized, relevant, motivational and unobtrusive message in front of you some of those times?
By Christina Thielst 08:39 am November 18, 2013
I came across a great example of using social media for disaster preparedness activities.
By Keith W. Boone 08:58 am November 15, 2013
One of the challenges with mHealth, as John Moehrke points out, is the variety of solutions which can be described as "mobile health." And every industry that wants to be buzzword compliant is of course, demanding that its own sector be included in the definition of mHealth.
By Karin Ratchinsky 12:42 pm November 12, 2013
How can healthcare payers and providers, including, position themselves to come out on top as players scramble to be digitally relevant?
By John Moore 08:46 am November 11, 2013
Certainly Wall Street sees value in Twitter, with its share price sky-rocketing on first day of trading, but is there truly value in Twitter for us out there wandering the Internet ether?
By Joseph C. Kvedar 03:54 pm November 05, 2013
Is there a way we could unobtrusively and almost subliminally slip in a health-related message while you’re checking your beloved smartphone screen?

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