By Joseph C. Kvedar 08:27 am July 30, 2014
Traditionally, the introduction of new technologies into health care has been assumed by knee-jerk reaction to add costs. Yet, the Center for Connected Health has accumulated evidence to the contrary. Joseph C. Kvedar, MD presents two stories to demonstrate this.
By Jeff Rowe 10:39 am July 24, 2014
No matter where you go, it seems, someone's talking up mHealth. But, a healthy wariness is in order.
By Eric Wicklund 08:22 am July 18, 2014
We have the nation's Most Wired Hospitals, and we also have America's Most Beautiful Hospitals. We also have national ranking system for hospitals based on their patient engagement efforts. It's time, I think, to look at the nation's hospitals and their wireless capabilities.
By Marc-Alexis Remond 11:57 am July 15, 2014
How can accountable organizations succeed both in delivering high-quality care and spending healthcare dollars more wisely, so that they can share in the savings they achieve for the Medicare program? Collaboration technology is the answer.
By Thomas J. Morrow, M.D. 03:02 pm July 08, 2014
Doctors, patients and insurance companies don’t agree on much. But ask them what they think of call centers, and you can rest assured you’ll get complaints from every quarter.
By Jeffrey Alten, MD 03:06 pm July 02, 2014
The power of mobility in healthcare: I can be hundreds of miles away or just in a meeting down the hall at the hospital, but thanks to an application on my phone, I never truly have to leave my patients' bedside.
By Joseph C. Kvedar 09:46 am June 24, 2014
Apple recently announced that iOS 8 would have a built-in app to collect all of your health info in one place. I saw all kinds of opinion pieces published. I let the dust settle, processed all of this, and came up with the following reflections.
By David Keane 08:03 am May 29, 2014
As mobile technology has become increasingly integrated into all aspects of everyday life, it's time for its use in the delivery of information to improve healthcare services and patient outcomes.
By Diana Manos 10:05 am May 20, 2014
I just spent three long days covering the open public forum on the FDASIA report. Federal officials, at the end, said they got from the meeting exactly what they were hoping to get: feedback.
By Paddy Padmanabhan 11:47 am May 15, 2014
With limited budgets and ever-increasing demands for efficiency and service, how can healthcare payers and providers ensure that their analytics delivers against investments?

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