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By WelchAllyn 11:22 am March 29, 2019
A resting ECG is a common test in physician offices today. And as the standard of care for initial assessment of many heart conditions, it's key to ensure everyone involved remembers some key fundamentals. The question is: how confident are you that everyone involved in your ECG workflow is aware of and compliant with the important steps that...
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By WelchAllyn 11:20 am March 29, 2019
Standardizing technologies and processes can go a long way toward providing the best, most efficient patient care. But when it comes to clinically driven decisions such as which ECG devices to support across your care settings, standardization may not always be the answer. In this paper, a vital signs and cardiology solutions expert shares several...
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By WelchAllyn 11:17 am March 29, 2019
From watches tracking steps to phones recording health data, wearable technology is now a part of our everyday lives. The rising popularity of wearable devices can even be seen in the physician's office as clinicians begin to leverage wearable technology trends to benefit their patients and their practices.
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By 02:56 pm January 17, 2019
Healthcare IT leaders are working to transform their digital infrastructure, incorporating the Internet of Things (IoT) with the hope that it will enable clinicians to use robust data to improve care and operational outcomes. This whitepaper explores the current impact of IoT in healthcare, analyzes the path forward, and shares recommendations to...
By WelchAllyn 09:35 am December 27, 2018
With the proliferation of medical devices within and outside of the four walls of the healthcare provider's facility, providers must ensure that these devices remain connected, available and secure when a new EMR is implemented. This executive summary will highlight steps to take when developing a strategy to deploy a new EMR.
By WelchAllyn 01:22 pm May 23, 2018
Addressing concerns over clinical opt-outs, manual workarounds and data security, this executive summary offers four major considerations that ambulatory care CIOs and IT directors should review when strategically integrating devices into their EMRs.
By 12:20 pm June 14, 2017
By committing to sharing resources with each other, the health sector can grow to be a model sector for cybersecurity. Our collective intelligence, capabilities and know-how must exceed that of the adversary - not just prevent breaches, but also to protect patient safety, as well as administrative and clinical operations of our organizations. This...
By 04:26 pm June 01, 2017
With 17,000 new cases of Spinal Cord Injury every year, what are the solutions to helping people living with paralysis regain more independence? The answers may lie in big data.
By Unisys 02:47 pm April 04, 2017
Medical devices pervade healthcare and have revolutionized patient care. This comes with the challenges to protect patients and healthcare institutions data from cybercrime while ensuring and improving compliance over the entire device ecosystem.
By Unisys 10:08 am March 13, 2017
Secure and manage the medical devices in your ecosystem, stay compliant to FDA regulations and achieve seamless integration with OEMs, all with one secure and intuitive platform.

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