Medical Devices

(Photo: GE Healthcare)

By Mike Miliard 12:28 pm April 16, 2020
The cloud-based Mural virtual-care technology, hosted on Microsoft's Azure platform, enables clinicians to monitor the ventilation status of multiple ICU patients at once.
By Nathan Eddy 11:23 am April 16, 2020
As opportunistic attacks ramp up, the groups offer recommendations for VPNs and cloud-based services, coronavirus-themed phishing emails, telehealth deployments, and medical device security.
By Nathan Eddy 01:36 pm April 10, 2020
Operation PPE and other initiatives are leveraging computer science, mechanical engineering, 3D printers and laser cutting, drawing on the expertise of architecture firms worldwide.

Rice University's open source ApolloBVM prototype could help lower-acuity COVID-19 patients who are awaiting availability of a standard hospital ventilator.

By Mike Miliard 11:01 am April 06, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic is leading to innovative projects and creative thinking to address the shortages of PPE and respiratory machines using 3D printing.
Tech Optimization: Medical device and IoT operating secrets
By Bill Siwicki 12:32 pm April 02, 2020
Three medical device experts – from Capsule Technologies, First Databank and Pivot Point Consulting – give CIOs, CMIOs, CMOs, CISOs and others some best practices for Internet of Things security and safety.

Credit: University of Oxford’s Engineering Science Department

By Sophie Porter 12:31 pm March 23, 2020
Scientists in Oxford have developed a faster-acting test to establish whether patients are infected with the coronavirus.

Photo credit: Michele Fiani

By Sophie Porter 09:19 am March 23, 2020
Unable to obtain the original blueprints for the valves because of medical manufacturing regulations, Cristian Fracassi and Alessandro Romaioli of Isannova reverse-engineered one, creating and testing three possible working prototypes.
Biofourmis’ AI-fueled remote monitoring tech provides insights in fight against COVID-19

The Biovitals Sentinel analytics system that Biofourmis customized for COVID-19.

By Bill Siwicki 12:11 pm March 13, 2020
Program administered by The University of Hong Kong has international implications and applications; clinicians leverage wearables and AI to accelerate disease surveillance and interventions.
By Nathan Eddy 03:52 pm March 11, 2020
"Zero trust flips the security model: Instead of 'trust but verify,' organizations 'always verify but never trust,'" one security expert explains.
By Dean Koh 12:26 am March 06, 2020
IoT security company Forescout has entered a strategic partnership with Medigate, a medical-device security and asset-management company, to help healthcare organizations continuously discover, identify, assess and secure all Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), IoT, operational technology