Medical Devices

Credit: Fab Lab Bahrain

By Ahmed El Sherif 09:30 am July 03, 2020
The smart device, a prototype by Fab Lab Bahrain, reportedly uses UV-C light that kills or inactivates a range of microorganisms by disrupting their DNA or RNA.
By Dean Koh 10:25 pm June 11, 2020
“Everyone is working towards the same target, even though no one talked about it,” said Professor Tomohiro Kuroda, CIO, Kyoto University Hospital (KUHP), Japan.
By Mallory Hackett 05:23 pm June 04, 2020
Hackers are taking advantage of provider distraction to breach health systems.

Credit: Bahrain Ministry of Health

By Rachel McArthur 05:16 am May 28, 2020
The Kingdom’s Ministry of Health confirmed that the three devices are being used in order to protect healthcare staff from excessive exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
Emergency Room entrance
By Laura Lovett 05:04 pm May 19, 2020
The bots are integrated with the EHR and can tell patients when they should expect the doctor and what labs have been ordered.  
Doctor at patient bedside
By Max Sullivan 05:01 pm May 19, 2020
Better interoperability between devices could result in the "silent ICU" in which alarms are not constantly going off by a patient's bed.
Livongo Hypertension
By Dave Muoio 05:37 pm May 07, 2020
"Remote monitoring is here to stay," CEO Zane Burke said during yesterday's earnings call.  
A guide to connected health device and remote patient monitoring vendors
By Bill Siwicki 12:38 pm May 06, 2020
Now more than ever, in the midst of a pandemic, healthcare IT leaders can use a comprehensive listing of companies that make technologies that help keep tabs on patients from afar.
By Mike Miliard 04:25 pm May 05, 2020
As apps and devices become more ubiquitous, complex and bandwidth-intensive, health systems need a strategy to manage the quality and integrity of their network infrastructures.
Cloud-connected devices need a fresh scan for security issues
By Fred Bazzoli 10:51 am April 29, 2020
Healthcare organizations are using more medical devices that transmit patient data, posing risks for both providers and patients.