By 03:13 pm February 07, 2017
A healthcare system under transition has meant that radiologists are increasingly changing how they work, to engage with patients more, as patients take more ownership of their care.
By 03:11 pm February 07, 2017
With the advent of Meaningful Use, healthcare providers are seeing significant benefits from image-enabling patient health records for a complete diagnostic picture.
By 03:09 pm February 07, 2017
Successfully transforming your medical image management strategy requires a plan. It’s why we’ve put together a guide, with insights and practical checklists for healthcare strategists.
By GE Healthcare 03:19 pm January 31, 2017
Physician leaders can successfully practice value-based care by following five recommendations. Collaboration, patient engagement and partnership with IT experts are hallmarks of a solid value-based care program.
By 11:00 am January 27, 2017
Technological innovations and data-driven insights are making healthcare more collaborative and outcomes driven.
By 01:00 pm January 12, 2017
Learn how an effective customer relationship management (CRM) solution can empower healthcare organizations to attract more patients and delight them with their service experience.
By 01:54 pm July 26, 2016
An overview of the current Cloud market, with insights about transforming healthcare; the ROI of personalization technologies; and how innovative on-premise, cloud and hybrid data solutions can improve efficiency, care and outcomes.
By 04:20 pm July 06, 2016
Healthcare professionals, administrators and providers agree: it is time to remove paper from everyday processes like contracting and procurement, HR, Medicare billing, patient onboarding and more. 
By 04:06 pm April 12, 2016
Providers are slow to adopt electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS), despite nearly unanimous adoption by U.S. retail pharmacies, this report from DrFirst reveals. Learn the latest EPCS trends when you download this briefing today.
By 01:35 pm February 16, 2016
This paper addresses the issues that are most top of mind for today’s senior IT executives in healthcare organizations. This includes learning to do less with more and adopting new business models.

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