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By 05:41 pm September 04, 2020
Cybercriminals who prey on valuable health data never rest. Attacks against healthcare organizations continue to rise in part because of innovations in the way bad actors exploit security breaches and access patient data. Read this white paper to learn the mechanics of different cyberattacks, the goal of cybercriminals, how breaches harm...
Asian doctor talking to female patient
01:00 am July 24, 2020
Hear from leaders in the healthcare industry about how to leverage existing technology to unify healthcare workflows. Peter Urbain from DocuSign, the world’s #1 leader in creating a “system of agreements,” will provide best practices to improve care through technology. Theresa Bell from Kno2, a rapidly growing company that...
Doctor using smartphone.
By 12:00 pm July 15, 2020
In this webinar, you’ll hear how two health systems rapidly scaled their telehealth programs to keep delivering care while brick-and-mortar locations remained closed.
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07:07 am July 07, 2020
It’s more important than ever that healthcare organizations are able to quickly onboard the best clinicians and get them up and running to treat patients. However, with so many healthcare systems running on outdated, legacy systems that make credentialing management a challenge, this isn’t always the case.
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04:43 pm June 19, 2020
Ready or not, the healthcare industry is moving to value-based healthcare. True transformation from fee-based models requires health IT to adapt to new processes and platforms. Read this package for insights into smoothing the transition.
Executives meeting.
01:00 pm June 18, 2020
Learn how AI & Machine Learning tools are enabling effective communication and collaboration between clinicians, care teams and patients in a new healthcare landscape.   Understand the impact recent CMS Interoperability rulings, COVID-19, and telehealth are having on value-based care initiatives.
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05:28 pm March 30, 2020
Improving outcomes for surgical patients depends on technological innovations and collaboration across multiple disciplines. Learn how breakthroughs in medical tech and interoperability are changing today’s ORs.
01:00 pm February 26, 2020
Healthcare organizations have different technology options for secure data exchange, which can expand provider access to patient records and aid the industry transformation to value-based care. New rules recently proposed by the US Department of Health and Human Service through the Office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (...
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12:00 pm November 06, 2019
The new consumer-driven health information ecosystem is transforming the way we deliver care, achieve cross-care team interoperability, and interact with our members and patients. The arrival of new tools such as Open APIs and HL7 FHIR, together with the rapidly growing number of health and medical apps in the market, are fueling the new Digital...
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12:20 pm October 21, 2019
Despite widespread EHR usage, many clinicians and care teams still struggle with exchanging information. And although interoperability promises to unite data across various sites, every organization is different, requiring a tailored interoperability solution to fit their specific needs.