Navigating the FCC Rural Health Care Program
By 05:37 pm February 24, 2021
Receiving high-quality healthcare increasingly requires fast and easy digital access to records, care networks, and physicians themselves. In rural communities with fewer facilities and inconsistent broadband, getting that access can be more difficult. Learn how providers can meet the connectivity challenges facing them and their patients.
COVID-19 Pandemic Highlights Importance of Connectivity
By 05:35 pm February 24, 2021
COVID-19 did not create new trends in healthcare delivery but accelerated existing ones, particularly to telehealth. Efforts were made to increase telecommunication services to improve telehealth care, while pre-existing obstacles, specifically for facilities in remote areas, remained an issue. Learn what’s been done to enhance connectivity...
COVID Coordination Checklist: 11 Steps to Improve Team Collaboration and Patient Outreach
05:38 pm February 19, 2021
Learn best practices to help your organization streamline communication related to COVID protocols. Find out how to simplify the distribution of alerts, clinical documents, and care team updates to boost efficiency and reduce common delays.
Fireside Chat with Tandem Health & Cisco Meraki
By 05:28 pm February 12, 2021
In this fireside chat, you will meet Tandem Health’s Sean Polk as he shares the challenges in Healthcare IT today and his approach when leveraging technology to improve patient care delivery. Learn how Tandem Health has transformed in a critical moment in healthcare through mobile, remote, and other solutions for their staff and patients.
Massive Interoperability: High-Performance Data Sharing at Scale
By 02:23 pm February 02, 2021
In this session, the panelists will describe how data flows across multiple facilities, software systems and devices, while ensuring their organizations can continue to grow and scale a connected health business. They’ll review interoperability challenges faced with integrating multiple EHR systems as well as after moving to a single EHR...
Build vs. Buy for Healthcare: A Healthcare Guide to CIAM + IAM
06:00 pm January 21, 2021
As the healthcare industry moves toward patient-centric models of care, organizations need to find ways to provide their patients with secure, frictionless digital experiences — all while protecting sensitive medical data. Discover how the right customer identity and access management solution can support health systems in providing the best...
How BioReference Laboratories Handled a 25x Volume Spike
05:57 pm January 21, 2021
COVID-19 has accelerated consumer trends in healthcare, and led to the widespread adoption of patient-centric models. Like many others, BioReference Laboratories got to work planning for a new B2C model, and recognizing the critical role of a powerful and secure Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform to ensuring a smooth transition during...
The Reasons Applications Fail
09:06 am December 04, 2020
In our modern world of Tele-Medicine, the availability of applications is more critical than ever. Healthcare workers and patients are accessing applications 24/7. Bringing the application down for even an hour would cause a great impact in the organization. Adding the fact that most healthcare companies are growing, which adds a great burden to...
The Prescription for a Superior Healthcare Network
By Zebra 05:05 pm November 13, 2020
Technology is moving out of centralized data centers and closer to the point of care – that’s why choosing the right wired/wireless network infrastructure and edge devices is essential in helping healthcare organizations enhance communications, gain efficiencies, and deliver higher-quality patient care.
Whitepaper Cover
By J2 Cloud 05:21 pm November 05, 2020
There is a critical need for improved and timely communication between hospitals, physicians, and patients, using an acceptable and accessible method for everyone involved. Hospitals and health systems stand to benefit from a standards-based alerting solution, enabling seamless care team collaboration.