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By 12:00 pm November 06, 2019
The new consumer-driven health information ecosystem is transforming the way we deliver care, achieve cross-care team interoperability, and interact with our members and patients. The arrival of new tools such as Open APIs and HL7 FHIR, together with the rapidly growing number of health and medical apps in the market, are fueling the new Digital...
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By 12:20 pm October 21, 2019
Despite widespread EHR usage, many clinicians and care teams still struggle with exchanging information. And although interoperability promises to unite data across various sites, every organization is different, requiring a tailored interoperability solution to fit their specific needs.
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By 02:27 pm October 08, 2019
In striving to deliver more unified customer experiences, health systems are working to overcome such challenges as privacy regulations, legacy technologies and data silos both between and within healthcare organizations. The good news is that promising new technologies are enabling healthcare marketers to provide the same level of personalization...
By 03:00 pm September 12, 2019
In recognizing early on how crucial it was that its platform could scale to handle California's growing population and constantly evolving integrations, Manifest MedEx sought out a highly scalable clinical data repository and data warehouse, an enterprise master patient index solution, and an integration engine. 
By 01:00 pm August 20, 2019
Today’s rapidly evolving healthcare threat landscape has created an unprecedented number of new vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit.  The session will discuss the ever-increasing and potentially catastrophic gaps in our current defenses, define the current industry approach and why it is inadequate to protect the sensitive and...
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By 01:00 pm May 14, 2019
HIMSS Media, in partnership with Hyland, recently conducted a joint survey among U.S. hospitals and health systems to better understand the state of connected care and interoperability in healthcare. In this webinar, Sandra Lillie, Director of Healthcare Sales at Hyland and Janet King, Senior Director of Market Insights for HIMSS...
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By 04:09 pm April 19, 2019
While FHIR is indeed a powerful solution that can do much more than previously possible, the question remains as to how we realize its capabilities while utilizing our current HIT system investment. This paper discusses some of the opportunities—and challenges—for several common interoperability standards, including FHIR.
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By 05:34 pm April 10, 2019
Provider productivity is the lynchpin of the healthcare system. This executive summary offers thought leadership on how and why manual clinical abstraction can help organizations better protect and maintain that productivity during an EHR migration.
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By Ricoh 11:13 am March 29, 2019
Believe it or not, fax volume in healthcare is at an all-time high. In fact, the primary method of communications in the healthcare industry remains the fax machine. That creates problems for which this eBook suggests intelligent, modern solutions.
By 02:00 pm February 07, 2019
Both the definition and delivery of healthcare is evolving at an exponential rate.  A swift convergence of medical advances, emerging technologies, consumer choices and expectations is accelerating change. Traditional borders are dissolving, and doctors, nurses, medical technicians and others are caring for patients face-to-face and from afar...

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