4 Reasons to Embrace Multi-Cloud with Network Virtualization for Healthcare
By VM Ware 04:55 pm April 27, 2021
It’s time to provide a consistent platform for app development that ensures the integrity and security of your apps and data. With an established history of helping healthcare organizations address complex IT challenges, VMware delivers a network virtualization solution that enables consistent networking and security across heterogeneous...
Five Things to Know About Mastering the Cloud
By VM Ware 04:51 pm April 27, 2021
The short history of cloud computing has been interesting and uneven. Today, a more flexible and agile vision of the cloud is emerging – one that will help healthcare organizations solve problems ranging from optimizing traffic flows to improving patient and clinician safety. This new cloud approach offers developers and operation teams the...
MIT Executive Study Uncovers Top Healthcare Trends Shaping IT Resilience
04:48 pm April 27, 2021
It’s no surprise that COVID-19 has changed—and accelerated—the IT plans of most organizations, speeding up what once were multi-year technology strategies. A new global study conducted by MIT Technology Review Insights, in association with VMware, confirms as much.
Mandated ADT Notification: How Frontline Teams Use CMS To Improve Care
05:53 pm April 09, 2021
Clear and constant communication is a vital ingredient to any well-functioning healthcare system. Making sure physicians are alerted when patients need and receive care, and keeping patients informed about their own treatment improves health outcomes and saves time. Learn about the key role that alert notifications for ADT plays in that process.
Doctor looking medical imaging display
By 05:10 pm April 07, 2021
In this webinar, a panel of two healthcare providers and one healthcare technology partner share their insights on the role technology plays in enabling safe and efficient cardiovascular care.
Healthcare At The Edge
11:23 am April 06, 2021
Delivering quality care to patients requires much more than just good intentions. Healthcare providers must respond to constantly evolving technological, financial and security challenges with digital infrastructure that can meet their needs. Learn about a platform solution built to succeed in the modern healthcare landscape.
Designing Hyper-Aware Healthcare Facilities
11:20 am April 06, 2021
In healthcare facilities, machines and apps are crucial in optimizing security, activity monitoring, productivity, care and safety. Learn what technology solutions and infrastructure frameworks are required to make a hyper-aware healthcare facility a reality.
Building the Future of the Connected Health Enterprise
04:07 pm April 02, 2021
When COVID-19 hit it made already unwieldy data management processes even more complicated. Responding to the urgent need for an efficient, effective and secure data system, Banner Health made a pivot to a health cloud. See how that decision made a dramatic impact on patient care, workflows, scalability and cost.
Automating Expenses: How to Introduce Your Healthcare Organization to a Better System
05:38 pm March 22, 2021
For healthcare providers, every penny counts. In this eBook you’ll learn why shifting to an automated expense solution not only saves time and money, but improves care in the process.
Navigating the FCC Rural Health Care Program
By 05:37 pm February 24, 2021
Receiving high-quality healthcare increasingly requires fast and easy digital access to records, care networks, and physicians themselves. In rural communities with fewer facilities and inconsistent broadband, getting that access can be more difficult. Learn how providers can meet the connectivity challenges facing them and their patients.