ICD-10 & Coding

By Carl Natale 09:34 am October 27, 2014
It's not news that the American Medical Association opposes ICD-10 implementation. But it's kind of fun when it grudgingly accepts it as a reality. For example, it will promote a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services National Provider Call on the ICD-10 transition with a caveat.
By Barbara Allen 07:13 am September 04, 2014
There's no question the transition to ICD-10 will bring with it a significant loss in coder productivity. If left unaddressed, this loss of productivity will cause hospitals to get bills out more slowly.
By Carl Natale 09:24 am August 20, 2014
It may seem a bit too early to start testing your systems for ICD-10 compatibility. But when do you want to try and solve any problems that testing may reveal?
By Andy Arends 12:37 pm August 07, 2014
To prevent further delays and to ensure a smooth transition to ICD-10, health plans need to actively engage physicians in their testing process.
By Carl Natale 08:34 am June 09, 2014
One of the reasons used to justify ICD-10 implementation is that the granular data can be used in healthcare research.
By Carl Natale 02:33 pm May 27, 2014
Let's forget about preparing for ICD-10 implementation for a minute. What if healthcare providers focused on improving clinical documentation?
By Carl Natale 09:04 am May 19, 2014
Let's assume you're relieved that ICD-10 implementation has been extended a year because you haven't done anything about it yet.
By Carl Natale 08:28 am May 05, 2014
OK, we have a deadline. The Centers for Medicare & Medicare Services released a statement Thursday that sets the deadline for ICD-10 implementation at Oct. 1, 2015
By Carl Natale 03:05 pm April 25, 2014
Anyone attending the American Health Information Management Association's ICD-10-CM/PCS and Computer-Assisted Coding Summit isn't learning a lot about the new ICD-10 timeline.
By Edmund Billings, MD 12:42 pm April 23, 2014
Did you hear the one about the CMS administrator who was asked what it would take to delay the 2014 ICD-10 implementation deadline? An act of Congress, he smugly replied, according to unverified reports.