Health Information Exchange (HIE)

By Healthcare IT News 03:05 pm May 11, 2015
Best Practices in Cloud Computing for the Healthcare Industry is your roadmap to leveraging all the benefits of cloud computing while ensuring the highest standards in PHI security and HIPAA compliance.
By Healthcare IT News 08:12 am May 01, 2015
After Citizens Memorial Hospital in Bolivar, Missouri selected a vendor to integrate information systems across 30 clinics, they acquired a clinic using a different system. This report details how CMH was able to quickly convert the new clinic's EMR systems to avoid a disruption in patient care.
By Healthcare IT News 02:56 pm April 21, 2015
While experts in health information technology acknowledge the advantages of using an ambulatory care EMR, they also note that integrated components of such systems are not necessarily the best match for certain providers' needs. Investing in a dedicated occupational health information management solution with an EMR application is a business...
By Healthcare IT News 11:25 am April 01, 2015
This content will deliver insights into both the technical and business challenges around healthcare interoperability. It will discuss the importance of healthcare's access to patient-generated health data, while delving into the some of the hurdles associated with interoperability, such as HIPAA-compliance and FDA standards. Moreover, the content...
By Healthcare IT News 03:48 pm March 26, 2015
Universal, zero-footprint viewers help clinicians streamline diagnosis, improve result turnaround time and facilitate communication and sharing with patients. How "universal" must these viewers be to truly deliver on their promises? Here are five key criteria to look for before deploying a universal, zero-footprint viewer.
By Healthcare IT News 03:10 pm March 11, 2015
Healthcare organizations are defining organization-specific strategies to gain control of patient data access, sharing and management. In this Executive Brief, the CTO at central Florida’s largest imaging center discusses PACS, VNAs and image management and how he leveraged an Enterprise Imaging Platform to regain imaging control and automate...
By Healthcare IT News 12:27 pm October 31, 2014
Hospitals have the need to collaborate internally and externally, respond to the trends of BYOD, consumerization of IT and the availability of free cloud solutions that are accelerating the occurance of Shadow IT which can lead to unintended data loss and HIPAA breaches. Read this inforgraphic to learn about statistics and information around BYOD...
By Healthcare IT News 12:25 pm October 31, 2014
Providing high-quality healthcare is a science--but securely managing the expanding amount of highly personal healthcare content can be an art. As the already-large volumes of healthcare-related data continue to grow, many organizations are turning to the cloud to store, manage and share data. When looking at ways to better share documents and...
By Healthcare IT News 12:23 pm October 31, 2014
Box brings disparate parties together across the healthcare continuum to better collaborate, share data, and improve care delivery. Box serves providers, payors and life science companies around the world to: - Improve Care Coordination: Box helps coordinate care between doctors and care teams inside and outside of a healthcare organization by...
By Healthcare IT News 03:53 pm September 22, 2014
Learn how Mater Health improves access to clinical data with a virtual desktop environment built on robust Dell Wyse zero clients. Benefits experienced by Mater include improved speed of initial access to clinical data by 80% and projected increase of endpoint lifespan by 50%.

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