Health Information Exchange (HIE)

By Dean Koh 04:38 am October 12, 2018
The IT journey in clinical systems in Singapore dates back to the 1980s and by the early 2000s, two distinct electronic medical record (EMR) systems emerged from the two integrated clusters. However, this meant that sharing of patient information, especially those moving from different clusters, was a big challenge.

Jürgen Brandstätter speaking at the IHE World event in 2017. Credit: IHE Europe

By Dean Koh 02:14 am October 09, 2018
As healthcare providers worldwide strive to provide a more seamless experience to their patients through the better integration of information systems and shift from paper-based medical records to electronic medical records, the successful implementation of Health Information Exchange (HIE) projects becomes a critical part of this process.
Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services display booth at an event.

Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services display booth at an event. Credit: Twitter.

By Bill Siwicki 08:00 am October 01, 2018
This case study looks at a health information network that has gone from zero uniquely identified patients to 7.6 million – and nearly all major health systems statewide are set to participate in its Common Key Service.
Indiana state sign
By Bill Siwicki 01:19 pm September 26, 2018
The Indiana Health Information Exchange needed to gather more complete and accurate data to reduce unnecessary tests, replace retrospective chart reviews and better manage contract alignment for its customers.
CommonWell Health Alliance presentation slide at HIMSS18

CommonWell Health Alliance presentation at HIMSS18. Credit: Twitter

By Bernie Monegain 03:39 pm August 02, 2018
CommonWell Executive Director Jitin Asnaani says they are on track to make this generally available this summer.
HIE evolving with API-based infrastructure

John Hopkins Medicine is among the providers in the HIE provider network. Credit: Facebook

By Mike Miliard 03:40 pm July 31, 2018
Adopting application programming interfaces enables health information exchanges such as CRISP to more effectively deliver data to hospital and payer members.
Health Catalyst launches new hospital safety surveillance analytics
By Mike Miliard 04:59 pm July 17, 2018
Health Catalyst announced a new surveillance module for its Patient Safety Monitor suite that aims to help hospitals protect patient safety by deploying predictive analytics to monitor, predict and prevent inpatient risk.
Health Sciences South Carolina lights up a FHIR-based clinical data repository
By Bill Siwicki 02:18 pm July 05, 2018
Tech initiative enables hospitals across the Carolinas to build apps that merge patient records.
What new Amazon venture CEO Atul Gawande said at AHIP
By Susan Morse 05:33 pm June 21, 2018
SAN DIEGO - Atul Gawande, MD, addressed a range of topics concerning the direction healthcare needs to move at America's Health Insurance Plans Institute & Expo Thursday. 
CMS unveils new Data Element Library
By Mike Miliard 01:43 pm June 21, 2018
The database will help EHR vendors incorporate health IT standards to smooth the exchange of patient information across care settings.

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