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By Carl Natale 09:54 am September 08, 2015
One tip: impart a dual-coding approach for at least five encounters per week.
By Eric Wicklund 02:41 pm September 04, 2015
"I think most physicians are missing it ... they're finding it difficult to apply."
By Eric Wicklund 11:12 am August 28, 2015
Encompassing 162 companies, educational institutes and other groups, the FlexTech Alliance gives the federal government an opportunity to explore new technologies without being the sole investor.
By Jeff Rowe 11:54 am August 24, 2015
Healthcare organizations primary core competency is to serve patients. That knowledge can be used to inform decisions and strategies for securing data.
By John Halamka 09:46 am August 20, 2015
Stakeholders are gathering to discuss next year's priorities. John Halamka, MD, outlines what's top of mind for healthcare IT leaders.
By Carl Natale 05:54 pm August 14, 2015
Hint: Her name is spelled subsequent encounter.
By Irv Lichtenwald 08:19 am August 11, 2015
Yes, an adoptable data exchange standard like FHIR is necessary, but without a national patient identifier it is not sufficient.
By Carl Natale 12:01 pm August 10, 2015
Here's an idea about learning the codes you need to know quickly.
By Tom Sullivan 07:56 am August 07, 2015
There's a lot to be gleaned from tactics the Defense Department employed when announcing its EHR contract. Other federal agencies should be paying attention.
By Jack McCarthy 07:26 am August 05, 2015
While Medicaid spending rose 386 percent between 1987 and 2013, another area spiked as much 447 percent in the same timeframe.

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