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By John Halamka 08:59 am May 27, 2015
Every technology has an adoption journey. The classic Gartner hype curve travels from a Technology Trigger to the Peak of Inflated Expectations followed by the Trough of Disillusionment.
By Tom Gianulli, MD 08:09 am May 27, 2015
Healthcare organizations that don’t want to give up fee-for-service medicine are considering hybrid offerings for both traditional payment models and personalized services for patients.
By Keith W. Boone 03:21 pm May 26, 2015
The 21st Century Cures Act recently cleared a hurdle to go onto the next step. Quite frankly, having read various versions of the bill, and having seen its evolution, I have to wonder who should really be doing this job.
By John Halamka 03:10 pm May 21, 2015
Few want to publicly criticize the 21st Century Cures Act. But John Halamka, MD is happy to serve as the lightning rod for this discussion, pointing out those assumptions that are unlikely to be helpful -- and those most likely to be hurtful.
By Jeff Rowe 11:08 am May 21, 2015
A glimpse of what home healthcare might look like in the near future.
By Carl Natale 09:34 am May 18, 2015
Providers will be able to find quite a bit of revenue billing for every code that was historically missed under ICD-9.
By Asha Saxena 08:11 am May 15, 2015
It begins with increased efficiency and, from there, expands to include improved finances, forecasting, staffing and more.
By Jeff Rowe 09:56 am May 13, 2015
How can healthcare providers tap into, and make use of, all that data? That's the question Future Care will address in early June.
By Josh Fanning 08:03 am May 06, 2015
Delving into the final letter CMS released about payment year 2016 uncovers some changes on a course that is otherwise strong and steady.
By Jeff Rowe 07:48 am May 04, 2015
Some attorneys are beginning to go after the technology vendors that make electronic health records with lawsuits soaring into the millions of dollars.

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