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By Mike Miliard 12:26 pm March 16, 2020
The agency was subject to a hacking attempt on Sunday, designed to slow down its COVID-19 pandemic response and sow disinformation, Bloomberg reports.
Bruce Greenstein of LHC Group gives President Trump an elbow bump.
By Susan Morse 02:49 pm March 13, 2020
The designation frees up billions in funding for states and relaxes rules for providers and the federal government.
Donald Trump
By Susan Morse 01:40 pm March 13, 2020
President Trump is expected to make an emergency disaster declaration today at 3 p.m.
Providence St. Joseph
By Laura Lovett 01:44 pm March 12, 2020
Dr. Amy Compton-Phillips, chief clinical officer for Providence St. Joseph Health, talks the use of chatbots, telemedicine and drive-thru clinics in treating the virus.
By Mike Miliard 11:18 am March 12, 2020
As COVID-19 spreads, putting nursing home residents at risk, the RUSH Act of 2020 would remove Medicare barriers hindering expansion of remote care technology in skilled nursing facilities.
By Mike Miliard 04:12 pm March 11, 2020
With a six-month reprieve before enforcement begins, healthcare organizations will soon have to "change their operating procedures to be in compliance," says ONC.
By Healthcare IT News 01:52 pm March 11, 2020
Healthcare IT News is maintaining a list of trusted information sources with key details to help stem the ongoing spread of COVID-19.
By Fred Bazzoli 01:32 pm March 11, 2020
While Epic says it is reviewing the info-blocking and patient-access rules to see how they impact four specific areas, Cerner has voiced its "ardent support" to HHS.
By Sophie Porter 06:26 am March 11, 2020
The changes are expected to be significant. At the moment, although 80% of adults support donation, only 38% have opted in to it.

Illustration by CDC via Unsplash revealing ultrastructural morphology exhibited by coronaviruses

By Taleen Davies 06:07 am March 11, 2020
As the Kingdom suspends travel to nine more countries, it is hoped that its donation – as well as others from around the world – will fast track the development of a drug for novel coronavirus.

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