Financial/Revenue Cycle Management

Lifespan Health Leverages Technology to Deliver High-Quality Care to More People
04:51 pm January 12, 2021
Reliable, dependable connectivity is mission-critical for health organizations seeking to improve their quality of care. Read how one health system overcame the distinct challenges of providing consistent care to small, geographically dispersed populations.
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01:00 pm August 18, 2020
Register for this webinar to hear from Virginia Jones, PhD, Chief Operating Officer at Village Family Dental, as she discusses how they increased efficiency to ensure optimal staffing levels.  We’ll also discuss how you can gain the visibility to respond faster to economic turmoil, while prepping for future growth.
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By CareCredit 05:32 pm July 17, 2020
In the wake of Coronavirus (COVID-19), health organizations face pressure from two directions: They must ramp up their front-line response to this medical crisis while reducing overall patient volume to slow the pandemic. Learn how providers are responding to the pandemic amid revenue losses.
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03:55 pm April 09, 2020
This guide written by Software Advice, covers everything you need to know about software pricing in 2020. Compare pricing models, price ranges, popular system prices, and unexpected costs of medical billing software.
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By CareCredit 05:18 pm February 19, 2020
Innovations in revenue cycle management are giving patients more control over their treatment and pricing options, and letting health organizations automate prior authorization.
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10:00 am December 12, 2019
As machine learning algorithms have advanced by leaps and bounds, the lack of standardized machine learning tools, frameworks and deployment practices remains a challenging task. This has resulted in low business value & usage of AI/ML models in production.
Doctor talking to patient
12:00 pm December 10, 2019
The shift to value-based care requires healthcare organizations to manage unnecessary costs through greater workflow and operational efficiencies while improving quality of care and health outcomes. Join Janet King, Senior Director of Market Insights at HIMSS Media and Mary Kilmer, Executive Director for Oracle Healthcare, as they discuss the...
03:08 pm December 03, 2019
Given health systems' vast data repositories, C-Level executives are making significant investments to utilize the insights that are present. More so, several of them have found the secret formula to use artifical intelligence to not only lower healthcare costs, but also make AI investments fund themselves.
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05:04 pm November 08, 2019
Kaufman Hall has released its third annual survey of hospital and health system leaders on the state of performance improvement and cost transformation efforts within their organizations.
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03:18 pm October 24, 2019
Over the past decade, changes in the healthcare landscape have squeezed margins, brought disruptors into the marketplace, and fundamentally changed how providers get paid.