Financial/Revenue Cycle Management

By John Moore 01:53 pm February 03, 2011
As we move into 2011, we will continue to see an extreme amount of activity and turmoil in the HIT market with the biggest elephant in the room being what will actually happen to the healthcare reform bill that was passed at the beginning of 2010.
By Tom Sullivan 08:20 am December 17, 2010
Given that ICD-10 compliance day is still nearly three years from now, most of the chatter about a total industry-wide sum for new code sets has leaned toward projecting an overall cost. But there's a flip-side: the cost-savings that converting to ICD-10 will bring the healthcare realm – and to the tune of billions of dollars.
By Jim Riley 10:35 am December 16, 2010
When providers mismanage the revenue cycle, the financial impact may seem relatively small on an individual claim, but when multiplied by hundreds of visits a week, the effect on the bottom line is the equivalent of death by a thousand paper cuts—slow, agonizing and certain. The good news is there is a remedy.
By John Halamka 02:03 pm December 30, 2009
As I've said in my blog about "The Number 5" I tend to organize my life and my projects in groups of 5. My 2009 Review has five segments - Harvard Medical School, State projects, and Federal projects which I presented yesterday plus Beth Israel Deaconess and my personal life which I'll present today.
By Ron Spiegel 10:19 am July 20, 2009
Although stimulus money incentives have been provided for hospitals and health systems to adopt electronic medical records, medical practices, for the most part, have had to make this significant investment on their own.
By Edgar D. Staren, MD 09:50 am May 14, 2009
A colleague of ours frequently comments how he once had a professor that instructed his class "never to do an information technology project with the primary goals of saving money, reducing headcount, or reducing paper."
By John Moore 11:25 am May 04, 2009
The market for EHRs has stalled as potential buyers await the outcome of the governmen's definition of "meaningful use" and "certified EHR" - both critical for determining Stimulus reimbursement.

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