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By Carl Natale 10:11 am January 20, 2015
ICD10Watch Editor Carl Natale doesn't see how anyone can make the argument that ICD-10 training should be delayed. There are currently less than nine months for learning ICD-10 coding and practice.
By Christina Thielst 12:49 pm December 31, 2014
An Alliance for Connected Care study, released in December, estimates that virtual visits could save an average of $126 per visit.
By Rick Shrader 09:09 am December 04, 2014
Organizations that can successfully leverage proprietary data, rather than publicly available algorithms, stand a greater chance of improving outcomes and reducing the occurrence of preventable readmissions.
By Dan Michelson 07:57 am October 21, 2014
A few weeks ago I was sitting in a conference room with the senior executive team from one of the top academic medical centers in the country. By way of introduction, the CIO said, "OK everyone, let me make this simple. Pay attention. Cost accounting is sexy." Now, that's four words most folks in healthcare would never expect to hear. Yet, an hour...
By Bird Blitch 09:20 am September 29, 2014
Hospitals and health systems can learn from businesses like Trader Joe's, Ikea and Target -- sustainable models that deliver quality and affordable products with an emphasis on exceptional customer service through many touch points, all of which is enabled through technology.
By Barbara Allen 07:13 am September 04, 2014
There's no question the transition to ICD-10 will bring with it a significant loss in coder productivity. If left unaddressed, this loss of productivity will cause hospitals to get bills out more slowly.
By Edmund Billings, MD 01:32 pm September 03, 2014
Is healthcare a business? In the United States, the question has been asked time and again but never satisfactorily answered. It's starting to look like Americans won’t be able to duck the question for much longer.
By Charles Kennedy 02:09 pm August 14, 2014
Patient engagement. Population health management. Shared savings. Incentive alignment. Every tweet or article about accountable care is filled with buzzwords like these, but what do they really mean? How can they move patients, providers and payers toward more efficient, effective and sustainable care models?
By Steve Tolle 08:07 am July 01, 2014
Imaging is an increasingly important quality indicator, both for healthcare organizations and individual providers. As narrow networks take hold, however, they will fundamentally change the economics for both hospitals and ambulatory facilities that have and focus on image intensive specialties.
By Carl Natale 02:33 pm May 27, 2014
Let's forget about preparing for ICD-10 implementation for a minute. What if healthcare providers focused on improving clinical documentation?

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