Financial/Revenue Cycle Management

By Nathan Eddy 11:10 am June 17, 2019
Researchers at Case Western Reserve University are developing an analytics platform to help determine the medical necessity of using helicopters for emergency transport.
Streamlining billing with IT to increase hospital revenue
By Benjamin Harris 01:45 am June 13, 2019
Technology can notice oversights and help with formatting. And artificial intelligence has a role to play.
Care worker talking to senior man
By Susan Morse 07:07 am June 11, 2019
The national project is aimed at developing financially sustainable solutions to improve the health of underserved individuals and save money.
CFOs plan more active role in healthcare digital transformation
By Nathan Eddy 12:28 pm June 10, 2019
That’s according to a new Black Book survey of nearly 1,600 hospital and health system CFOs and other executives, which also indicated healthcare finance technologies will be tied to optimized financial processes.
Waystar acquires predictive analytics/social determinants of health firm PARO
By Nathan Eddy 12:14 pm June 06, 2019
The revenue cycle management vendor will use PARO to help healthcare organizations identify patients who would qualify for charity under a provider’s Financial Assistance Policy, using thousands of sources of socioeconomic data instead of credit scores as an evaluation metric.
Patient paying doctor
By HIMSS Women in Health IT 05:52 pm May 30, 2019
Today, the role of the patient is often unclear, but it seems the days of ‘the doctor knows best’ are over. Many care providers work collaboratively with patients, to help them make sense of the overwhelming amount of information that is readily available on the internet, and live their most healthy lives. While we have made a great...
Practice management suite helps group practice grow 15 percent a year

A Pennsylvania Dermatology Partners clinic in Douglassville, Pennsylvania.

By Bill Siwicki 01:47 pm May 29, 2019
At Pennsylvania Dermatology Partners, among other things, patient volume and financials are up 20 percent for 2019, online appointment scheduling has increased and reputation management efforts are well in hand.

Credit: Capital Congress of Medicine & Health

By Anna Engberg 10:52 am May 28, 2019
The Capital Congress of Medicine & Health presents the Hospital Rating Report 2019 - taking stock of insolvency, case numbers and annual financial statements.
By Mike Miliard 03:29 pm May 22, 2019
Even five years after go-live, many health systems aren't realizing the full value of their electronic health records, says a new Chartis Group report. Gaining clinical and financial ROI depends on a "sustained, organized approach."

Rima Abdel-Massih, MD, director of tele-ID services at UPMC, will serve as chief medical offer at ID Connect.

By Mike Miliard 02:17 pm May 20, 2019
Diagnosis and treatment of disease and antibiotic-resistant bacteria is complex and challenging for small hospitals, who could care for patients with remote help from top-tier infectious disease experts.

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