Financial/Revenue Cycle Management

By Jeff Lagasse 05:13 pm November 19, 2020
Automating risk stratification kept patients out of the ER, giving financial incentive to move to an alternative payment model.
By Mallory Hackett 05:00 pm November 17, 2020
Contactless payment is now being used by nearly 80% of consumers worldwide for health and safety reasons.
Stack of N95 masks

John Moore, Getty Images

By Kat Jercich 11:19 am November 13, 2020
 As COVID-19 surges and supply lines become critical, health system leaders are working toward real-time visibility and predictive tools for inventory, pricing, lead times and demand trends.
Mayo Clinic building
By Kat Jercich 12:07 pm November 11, 2020
The filing follows Mayo Clinic's announcement that a former employee had inappropriately accessed the information of more than 1,600 patients.
Dubai’s TVM Capital Healthcare, GE Healthcare

Credit: TVM Capital Healthcare

By Rachel McArthur 10:55 am November 11, 2020
Both will work together to accelerate the growth of transformational healthcare companies across markets in the Middle East and North African, and the Association of South-East Asian Nations.
A keyboard in the foreground with a stethoscope and person's hands in the background
By Kat Jercich 12:45 pm November 10, 2020
Patient-intake-management tools have evolved to meet health systems' needs, pivoting in response to COVID-19.
By Mike Miliard 03:50 pm November 09, 2020
TGH InnoVentures will include an innovation lab and an accelerator program, and will directly invest in promising healthcare-focused startups.
By Mike Miliard 05:25 pm November 06, 2020
The new initiative offers $100 million in network equipment and services for providers offering innovative telehealth and remote care services to low-income patients and veterans.
University of Rochester Medical Center complex from above
By Mike Miliard 09:51 am November 06, 2020
As part of the new Patient Experience Digital Series, two clinicians explain how a virtual care model is helping more compassionately treat patients in their home communities while improving the provider experience.
By Susan Morse 05:11 pm November 05, 2020
For one health system, robotic process automation equates to about 27,000 hours in a month saved, which correlates to around $500,000.