Enterprise Content Management

By Healthcare IT News 02:26 pm October 15, 2015
Following a few simple steps will help you determine how a custom and intuitive ECM solution can be implemented enterprise-wide to create efficiencies and meet your constantly evolving business needs.
By Healthcare IT News 11:57 am July 24, 2015
Unstructured content-the information that resides outside your organization's core systems and processes-plagues nearly every healthcare organization, impeding your staff's ability to do their jobs effectively. Increase the value of your IT systems.
By Healthcare IT News 11:47 am July 24, 2015
There are literally hundreds of enterprise content management (ECM) vendors to choose from. But, don't let that overwhelm you. This guide will help you make sure you're considering the right solution and the right vendor.
By Healthcare IT News 11:38 am July 24, 2015
Healthcare IT solutions must provide a healthy ROI. Not only must every application, system and process comply with the federal regulations designed to improve healthcare quality and delivery, they must also bring business value to the organization.
By Healthcare IT News 11:27 am June 22, 2015
The role of ECM as a centralized document repository is well established. However, the value of ECM increases when it's leveraged as an information hub between line-of-business systems to facilitate key processes, keep data in sync and maximize investments in existing applications. Learn how ECM automated business processes to make confident...
By Healthcare IT News 11:12 am June 22, 2015
Once you've determined an enterprise content management (ECM) solution is a clear choice for increasing efficiencies within your enterprise, the next question becomes: How do we begin reaping the benefits? This paper will help you identify 3 key considerations to ensure your needs are met now and in the future.
By Healthcare IT News 10:54 am June 22, 2015
The concepts of scanning and capture aren't new, as most organizations continue to work to reduce the amount of paper processed. But scanning is only step one towards creating processes with a multitude of benefits. By automatically capturing, validating and interpreting data from scanned documents, organizations can eliminate the need for costly...
By Healthcare IT News 03:01 pm June 19, 2015
When selecting ECM solutions, many IT departments face pressure to keep costs down and decrease the time it takes to see the benefits. Therefore, many IT departments play it safe when choosing an ECM system. Discover how involving IT in the buying process allows organizations to select a solution that leads to success.
By Healthcare IT News 02:35 pm June 19, 2015
While a document management system provides the basic storage and retrieval of content, businesses need to automate workflows, mitigate risks, manage multiple content types and work between different business applications. Read this paper to learn how an ECM solution reduces manual processes and streamlines workflow, all while improving user...
By Healthcare IT News 11:54 am April 27, 2015
In a recent webinar produced by HIMSS Media, executives from leading healthcare organizations provided their perspectives on the opportunities and challenges they faced when managing converging clinical and financial systems. In this whitepaper, they share what they learned and how they expect interoperability to impact the shift from volume- to...

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