Electronic Health Records (EHR, EMR)

By 02:00 pm February 22, 2018
Managed Print Services (MPS) is an effective way for health care providers to reduce costs, increase security, and improve support processes around printed content. However, with the widespread adoption of Electronic Health Records, it is becoming increasingly important to capture patient health information in a digital format.
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By NTT Data 11:37 am February 09, 2018
Ensuring that EHRs are affordable, accessible and well-operated is unachievable for many small healthcare sites, which can foil digitally well-appointed health systems that need them as care partners. This whitepaper shows how those gaps are closing.
By 02:00 pm February 07, 2018
Abundant data supports the premise that most healthcare breaches are caused by unauthorized access or disclosure, whether by negligence or malicious targeting.  Gartner recommends that healthcare organizations bring in a centralized, cloud-based identity and access management solution to protect access and usage of data.  This webinar...
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By NTT Data 10:13 am January 24, 2018
A managed-services provider can relieve over-extended IT professionals and add valuable know-how to the IT infrastructure. But a healthcare organization should have a full grasp of what it does and doesn't need, as this executive summary shows.
By 01:00 pm January 17, 2018
According to a recent industry survey conducted by Solutionreach, nearly one in three patients are at risk of leaving their healthcare provider in the next two years. One in eight have already left, and not just because of changes to insurance or a move. Nearly 40 percent left because of a poor experience.
By Intel 12:00 pm December 13, 2017
In this presentation, Marc S. Williams, MD, Director, Genomic Medicine Institute, Geisinger Health System will provide an update on work being done to enable the use of genomic data within the EHR. Dr. Williams leads the EHR integration workgroup of the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) and he will share work being done by the...
By 01:00 pm December 05, 2017
Network reliability and availability of fiber-based services are acknowledged as key contributors to success at rural healthcare organizations adopting new care delivery models, but these same organizations also acknowledge challenges with funding and clinician buy-in in their efforts to enhance healthcare delivery.
By 01:00 pm December 04, 2017
As WannaCry and NotPetya have demonstrated, connected medical devices in operation today were not designed with security in mind. In fact, many were not initially designed to be networked and certainly not exposed to the Internet. EMR and other initiatives have accelerated the need to network medical devices at the risk of security exposure. With...
By Verato 02:00 pm November 29, 2017
Patient matching is at the forefront of the national Health IT conversation. Senators are urging the GAO to consider a national patient matching strategy, and the ONC and CHIME have both run patient matching competitions in search of a better approach.  It’s no secret that a new approach to patient matching is sorely needed. The average...
By Intel 12:00 pm November 06, 2017
In this webinar, Ernest Sohn, chief data scientist in Booz Allen’s Data Solutions and Machine Intelligence group, will explain the work that went into developing a machine-learning system. And he will share lessons learned on how to best apply machine learning processes to clinical situations.

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