Electronic Health Records (EHR, EMR)

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By 05:34 pm April 10, 2019
Provider productivity is the lynchpin of the healthcare system. This executive summary offers thought leadership on how and why manual clinical abstraction can help organizations better protect and maintain that productivity during an EHR migration.
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By 11:38 am April 08, 2019
The expansion of data across healthcare organizations is making analytics even more crucial when it comes to improving patient outcomes, reducing costs, and managing revenue cycles. The most successful healthcare organizations have been able to democratize their data and analytics to provide more confidence in their decision making.
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By 11:36 am April 08, 2019
With the proliferation of data in the healthcare industry, actually making sense and use of this data requires the right analytics strategy‌. This whitepaper outlines how a healthcare provider’s ability to democratize data and analytics across the organization is indicative of its ability to affect patient outcomes, reduce costs and...
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By 11:12 am April 08, 2019
Powered by Gartner Methodology, this report identifies which EMR software products offer the best capability and value. Based on real user reviews, it is meant to be used as a helpful guide in selecting the best software solutions for practices of all sizes.
By 09:17 am February 14, 2019
Healthcare digitization is still often perceived as being an endeavor on the level of the individual healthcare system or nation state. While there is some truth in that, it is equally obvious that a global digital health market is evolving, with vast opportunities for IT companies, healthcare providers, med-tech, pharma giants and even charities...
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By 01:19 pm February 05, 2019
When choosing an EMR system, it is important to consider what you will be charged for and when, in addition to how much. This highly visual guide offers a clear explanation of how various pricing models work, along with actual pricing for popular EMR and Practice Management software packages.
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By 01:17 pm February 05, 2019
EMR software helps create, store and update patients' digital health records. Common features include digital charting, order entry, decision support and clinical reporting. This software helps physicians qualify for government incentives, meet regulatory requirements and improve overall care quality. But which is the right EMR solution for...
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By 05:20 pm January 25, 2019
When a western South Dakota integrated healthcare system made the decision to migrate the entire organization to a single electronic health record, providers voiced concerns about the quality of data they would be able to access in historical patient records during the transition. Find out how Regional Health was able to make the transition as...
By 01:00 pm January 25, 2019
The interoperability challenge of exchanging information among healthcare provider’s medical record systems is not being solved fast enough, which is why fax is still the common denominator for communications within and between providers and payers in the healthcare industry. But times are changing-- Alternatives exist that can provide a...
By 12:00 pm January 25, 2019
Join us to learn how leading healthcare organizations are using modern data center technologies to create a more efficient and productive healthcare environment by boosting their Epic EHR performance.

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