Electronic Health Records (EHR, EMR)

By John Halamka 07:06 am February 11, 2009
Today’s economic crisis has highlighted our need for breakthrough improvements in the quality, safety and efficiency of health care. The nation’s business competitiveness is threatened by growing health care costs, while at the same time our citizens risk losing access to care because of unemployment and the decreasing affordability of coverage.
By David Kibbe 09:44 am February 09, 2009
Clinical Groupware is a departure from the client-server and physician-centric EHR technology of the past 25 years, a fixed database technology that never really became popular.
By Adrian Gropper, MD 04:49 pm January 29, 2009
Transparency, in the form of a complete, patient-centered and accessible health record is a policy principle that can drive the next wave of health care innovation. Investing exclusively in institutional EHRs will further stifle efficiency, innovation and improvement.
By John Halamka 11:54 am January 20, 2009
(By John Halamka, MD) It's inauguration day. The energy is palpable. Dozens of people have emailed me about their sense of optimism, their commitment to personal responsibility, and their "Yes We Can" attitude toward the audacious healthcare reform work ahead.
By David Kibbe 11:09 am January 12, 2009
On Dec. 19, we published an Open Letter to the Obama Health Team, cautioning the incoming Administration against limiting its Health Information Technology (IT) investments to Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Instead, we recommended that their health IT plan be rethought to favor a large array of innovative applications that can be easily adopted...
By David Kibbe 11:02 am January 12, 2009
Yesterday we tried to put EHRs into perspective. They're important, and we can't effectively move health care forward without them. But they're only one of many important health IT functions.
By John Halamka 02:24 pm January 04, 2009
When I lecture about the new generation of personal health records such as Google Health and Microsoft Healthvault, I emphasize that these applications are not covered by HIPAA.