Electronic Health Records (EHR, EMR)

By 01:15 am October 30, 2018
According to Executive Director PAH-QEII Network at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Dr Michael Cleary, the hospital was identified as a “lead site” in the early days of strategy for the implementation of software.
Epic App Orchard
By Tom Sullivan 02:22 pm October 29, 2018
The new tier, known as Nursery, comes as the EHR vendor has also reduced pricing for its more expensive tiers by 33-80 percent.

Above photo: Then COL (Dr) Tang Kong Choong (centre) being sworn in as the new Chief of Medical Corps at the Change of Command Ceremony in 2015. Photo credit: The Singapore Army

By Dean Koh 11:41 pm October 28, 2018
In 1995, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Medical Corps introduced a large scale Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system, the first of its kind in Singapore. In less than a decade, the improved second generation of the EMR was implemented and most recently, the latest generation of its EMR system was rolled out in April 2016.
EHR optimization gets 53% increase in cash collections at Rangely
By Bill Siwicki 12:15 pm October 25, 2018
The EHR’s capabilities also enabled a 15 percent decrease in days in accounts receivable.
By John Rayner 01:06 pm October 22, 2018
The use of Electronic Patient Records (EPRs) is now an accepted part of modern medicine, as many now recognise that using EPRs is safer and more productive than using paper.
By Mike Miliard 09:55 am October 18, 2018
KLAS sees health system decision makers wanting vendors to give them needed functionalities: point of care access to PDMPs, specific clinical decision support and more.
By Mike Miliard 11:34 am October 17, 2018
The cooperative aims to bring stakeholders together to find new and pragmatic approaches to data sharing, and come up with ways to combat information blocking.
Change Healthcare booth at HIMSS18.
By Jeff Lagasse 03:20 pm October 15, 2018
CarePort customers can now receive automated medical reviews sent straight to their Care Management workflow, thereby reducing administrative burden.
By Dean Koh 04:38 am October 12, 2018
The IT journey in clinical systems in Singapore dates back to the 1980s and by the early 2000s, two distinct electronic medical record (EMR) systems emerged from the two integrated clusters. However, this meant that sharing of patient information, especially those moving from different clusters, was a big challenge.
Penn Medicine building exterior view

Credit: Google Maps

By Mike Miliard 04:53 pm October 11, 2018
Penn Medicine is pursuing a new initiative it says will innovate electronic health records for 21st Century medicine. The goal, officials say, is to make the technology more interactive and responsive to clinicians – nudging the EHR into a new era where it's not just a documentation system but a crucial tool for care delivery.

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