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By 11:27 am October 04, 2017
This paper shows how flash storage benefits both EHRs and VDI, as well as how healthcare organizations should evaluate these solutions.
By 11:21 am October 04, 2017
This infographic shows how Forrester quantified the specific benefits, costs and metrics of a particular flash storage solution.
By 11:18 am October 04, 2017
This case study shows how a pharmacy benefits management provider shortened their claims and batch processing times, while strengthening patient data security.
By 11:16 am October 04, 2017
This case study shows how a Cincinnati-based healthcare system reduced its IT costs and redeployed those savings to other projects.
By 11:15 am October 04, 2017
This solutions brief shows how health systems moving to a value-based care model can benefit from all-flash storage.
By 11:13 am October 04, 2017
As healthcare data growth threatens to outpace current storage capacities, the IT industry has responded with technology solutions designed to fit hospitals' tight budgets. But tech alone is not the answer.
By 01:48 pm May 15, 2017
HIMSS Analytics surveyed IT and clinical leaders at HIMSS17 to find out how health systems select and deploy IT systems. The results are in – read this report to learn the results.
By SCIO 03:43 pm December 30, 2016
Healthcare leaders make decisions based on incomplete data every day. There’s a better way. By using behavioral & predictive analytics, you can create a 360 degree view of your patients/members in order to make confident, informed decisions.
By VM Ware 02:11 pm November 01, 2016
Hackers across the world are taking control of enterprise networks. This ebook examines six ways healthcare organizations can mitigate the ransomware threat while also improving security policies, processes, and technologies.
By VM Ware 02:07 pm November 01, 2016
The healthcare industry’s dependence on the availability and reliability of information can be a matter of life or death. This case study explores the potential impact mobile platforms have in facilitating patient involvement in the care process.

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