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By 11:00 am September 18, 2019
For healthcare organizations, overcoming challenges around clinical gaps in care, interoperability, data security and regulatory compliance are critical to success.
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By 07:07 am September 17, 2019
Your healthcare organization relies on the various devices and systems that create healthcare data. But how can you ensure that you are making the most of that data? How can enterprise-wide systems and strategies help deliver optimal care while building reliable data stores? Join this conversation as we explore how the data management and data...
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By 05:16 pm May 16, 2019
How can we begin to leverage the modern ecosystem of powerful data assets to create "smart" health tools that show improved clinical outcomes, all while ensuring privacy and security? This guide walks through a framework to identify the key considerations associated with collecting, analyzing, identifying, and providing relevant,...
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By 03:17 pm May 03, 2019
When a large Kentucky health system was struggling with a lack of a common system infrastructure, including a handful of different electronic health record systems, they knew that migrating to a single EHR platform was a "no-brainer." But they also knew that moving to a new system would create immediate inefficiencies in an already...
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By 11:00 am April 24, 2019
Large healthcare organizations struggle to manage multiple integration engines and effectively monitor servers & data interfaces. In this webinar, we will share our perspective on data quality issues and need for integrated management of interfaces.
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By 04:09 pm April 19, 2019
While FHIR is indeed a powerful solution that can do much more than previously possible, the question remains as to how we realize its capabilities while utilizing our current HIT system investment. This paper discusses some of the opportunities—and challenges—for several common interoperability standards, including FHIR.
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By 11:36 am April 08, 2019
With the proliferation of data in the healthcare industry, actually making sense and use of this data requires the right analytics strategy‌. This whitepaper outlines how a healthcare provider’s ability to democratize data and analytics across the organization is indicative of its ability to affect patient outcomes, reduce costs and...
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By 04:47 pm April 03, 2019
A recent HIMSS Media survey of U.S. hospitals highlighted the challenges providers encounter when working towards interoperability. Depending on whom you speak to within a hospital system, responses varied when asked, “How close are providers to achieving interoperability?” 
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By 01:00 pm March 26, 2019
You’ve heard that medical IoT has a lot of security flaws that can expose life-sustaining devices to threats in the network, but do you know what to do about it? Determine your own risks and what you can do to protect yourself from the insecurity of the Internet of Things.
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By 02:00 pm March 20, 2019
As the volume of healthcare data grows so do the challenges healthcare providers are facing analyzing that data to improve the speed of decision making, transform operations, and deliver value to patients.

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