Data Warehousing

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By Kat Jercich 04:13 pm July 17, 2020
 The University of California COVID Research Data Set comprises more than 640 million data points from electronic health records, and helps inform approaches to new treatments.

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By Kat Jercich 02:41 pm July 15, 2020
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Robert Redfield says the controversial new process, which calls on hospitals to send capacity and utilization data via the HHS Protect system, was made with CDC support.
By Mike Miliard 09:00 am July 15, 2020
With multi-cloud now the rule rather the exception, the tool can help healthcare organizations more easily access and analyze data from across their disparate CSPs.
By Sara Mageit 05:51 am July 10, 2020
Also, The Royal Marsden, in the UK, launches AI virtual agent to support key workers post lockdown.
By Kat Jercich 01:40 pm July 09, 2020
A new JAMIA study suggests it's possible to protect sensitive patient data while developing models to ultimately optimize care.
By Kat Jercich 05:37 pm July 08, 2020
The new preview feature can associate words or phrases in unstructured text with semantic entities, such as symptom, diagnosis and medication dosage.
By Dean Koh 10:26 pm July 01, 2020
Digital health tools and investments offer great opportunity for efficiency improvements and better health outcomes in the country.
By Mike Miliard 01:47 pm June 30, 2020
The speed and scale at which healthcare organizations have had to embrace cloud hosting, often without proper due diligence, could lead to lasting risks and vulnerabilities for a much bigger attack surface, according to new report from security vendor Vectra.
By Mike Miliard 04:02 pm June 29, 2020
The medical school was hit by an opportunistic malware attack on June 1, and the encrypted data was "important to some of the academic work we pursue as a university serving the public good," officials said.
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By Mike Miliard 10:28 am June 10, 2020
The tool, developed by scientists at UT Dallas and Vanderbilt, can help weigh the risks that a person might be identified when their health data is shared with researchers.