A screen snap of the Hospicelink platform. Photo via Hospicelink

By Bill Siwicki 09:08 am September 21, 2017
The partnership offers users of Enclara’s E3 Mobile order management system integrated access to pharmacy services and durable medical equipment management.
medication errors linked to healthcare technology
By Bill Siwicki 03:36 pm April 10, 2017
The majority of errors were attributed to the human-computer interface, workflow and communication, and clinical content, Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority says.
Flow chart
By Mike Miliard 11:15 am July 16, 2015
A new study from AHRQ examines "sociotechnical factors and the role they play in mitigating or augmenting health IT’s impacts on workflow." The effect on outpatient settings is not always a good one.
washing hands
By Bernie Monegain 08:32 am July 09, 2015
In one of four hospitals across the country hand washing -- the best-known way to prevent hospital infections -- is apparently not a priority, according to Leapfrog's new hospital survey.
futuristic technology board
By Mike Miliard 11:10 am July 06, 2015
Too often, health organizations "make rookie mistakes" in their technology implementations, writes Leapfrog President and CEO Leah Binder. And too often, these rollouts leave hospitals vulnerable to serious patient safety risks.
Tablet and stethoscope
By Stephanie Bouchard 08:08 am March 25, 2015
(SPONSORED) Point-of-care technology is the key to providing patient care and efficient workflows. PC Connection, Inc. has the experts and services to ensure that you have the right devices and technology to provide excellent care.
Doctor with patient and parent
By Anthony Vecchione 08:02 am March 12, 2015
A study determined that a rise in CPOE rates and usage lowered the length of stay 63 percent across 13 of 19 disciplines.
By Amanda Burkey 11:14 am March 09, 2015
The elite group of Stage 7 organizations have overcome many challenges in achieving a paperless environment. Here's a chance to take advantage of their experiences and some lessons to keep in mind as your organization works toward EMR optimization.
Nurses on phones
By Anthony Vecchione 07:51 am February 27, 2015
Since computerized physician order entry was introduced as a vital part of their technology armamentarium, physicians have argued that, in order for CPOE to be effective, support and guidance are essential.
By Neil Versel 02:20 pm December 12, 2014
In the past decade, several studies have come out suggesting that CPOE can introduce and even magnify errors without proper safeguards, particularly against physicians suffering from "alert fatigue" turning off notifications.

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