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01:00 pm February 19, 2020
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires covered entities (i.e., health care providers, health plans, and health care clearinghouses) to safeguard the privacy and security of individuals’ PHI. As healthcare providers and other covered entities continue to outsource tasks to business associates, third-party...
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02:32 pm December 18, 2019
As patient records transition from their prior life as paper-based charts, documents, and notes, healthcare professionals will need to rely on a mix of patient documents in a variety of formats – printed, scanned, and even faxed – wherever and whenever they are needed.
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11:59 am September 10, 2019
On any given day, providers utilize countless systems and applications that are essential to their regular workflow. With sensitive patient information residing in and passing through these systems, provider organizations must have continuity and consistency in delivering reasonable freedom of access while avoiding unintended, consequential...
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11:55 am September 10, 2019
The complexity of protecting health data in the current threat environment is ushering in the next era of cybersecurity that incorporates machine-learning capabilities within identity management. But what makes it essential for IT administrators and data owners to enforce security policies and reduce risky behavior?
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04:53 pm September 06, 2019
For many healthcare organizations, the digital transformation is a slow, confusing process. Although the adoption of EMR technologies has largely tamed the data problem, information that does not fit nicely in such a structured database requires an Enterprise Content Management solution.
01:00 pm August 21, 2019
Cybersecurity continues to be a significant area of concern, with a higher frequency of multi-million dollar, potentially deadly, security breaches - 63% of which can be attributed to a third party. These increasing risks bring stricter regulatory requirements such as being able to audit all access to your network down to the individual level.
01:00 pm August 19, 2019
Minneapolis-based Zipnosis sought a flexible, HIPAA-compliant architecture on which to build its telemedicine solution, with support for integrating virtual visit records and customers' HL7 data. They required maximal security, compliance, scalability, affordability, and reliability of their critical infrastructure.
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05:32 pm May 10, 2019
Partnering with an ever-increasing number of vendors moving applications and data services to the cloud, UPMC found it ineffective to individually assess the information security and compliance of each vendor. Ultimately they were able to streamline the process, eliminate confusion, reduce supply chain risk, and increase the security posture of...
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02:24 pm March 21, 2019
Naturally, healthcare organizations want to increase flexibility and agility while reducing costs by running workloads in the cloud. But they also need the assurance of HIPAA compliance for PHI data. This presentation reveals the results of the latest third party attestations for Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).
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05:54 pm September 21, 2018
As businesses embrace digitization, defenders of corporate data have an expanding attack surface to worry about. But as this whitepaper points out, amid rapid migration to electronic medical systems, providers should not forget about paper records.