Cloud Computing

By 01:29 pm August 01, 2016
Especially given how lean IT teams have gotten in recent years, payers and providers are increasingly looking at public cloud infrastructure to achieve agility and manage costs in a rapidly changing healthcare business climate.
By 01:26 pm August 01, 2016
Big Data enables healthcare enterprises to identify population health trends, spot emerging outbreaks, measure treatment effectiveness, and other empirical applications. This report examines the benefits of a secure Big Data Warehouse in the Cloud.
By 01:24 pm August 01, 2016
Successful healthcare app cloud migrations can be complex and time consuming, especially considering the HIPAA compliance and advanced PHI security requirements. This best practices guide offers important insights based on real-world case studies.
By 11:18 am July 27, 2016
As the healthcare industry changes, organizations consolidate and grow to respond to the populations they serve. See how integrating workflows and analytics can be an asset to your organization and a key to success.
By 11:14 am July 27, 2016
Healthcare payers and providers are under increasing pressure and many are unable to overcome their challenges with their current IT solutions.  For many Healthcare organizations, cloud is the answer.
By 01:54 pm July 26, 2016
An overview of the current Cloud market, with insights about transforming healthcare; the ROI of personalization technologies; and how innovative on-premise, cloud and hybrid data solutions can improve efficiency, care and outcomes.
By 11:53 am July 21, 2016
Healthcare providers can leverage the cloud to support management of growing imaging data and provide an enterprise imaging strategy. Cloud has matured delivering numerous benefits: scalability, data access, greater security and cost-effectiveness.
By 01:51 pm June 10, 2016
In a recent HIMSS survey, healthcare organizations cited security concerns as the top reason for not using cloud services. But in fact, choosing the right cloud solution to manage stringent security regulations can provide IT pros with peace of mind.
By 12:39 pm May 24, 2016
Seamless integration of highly diverse technologies can facilitate faster and safer throughput of patients, create more capacity through efficiencies and help contain costs for healthcare organizations.
By 04:36 pm May 16, 2016
Join the leader in HIPAA/HITECH Compliant Hosting and the leading Public Cloud company, as they discuss their joint HIPAA/HITECH Compliant Solution on AWS and how it benefits healthcare organizations.

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