Cloud Computing

By 02:24 pm September 26, 2017
This whitepaper predicts that healthcare will need the cloud in order to deliver on the value, analytics and collaboration likely to play a key role in the industry's future.
By 02:19 pm September 26, 2017
This executive summary shows how one healthcare technology solutions provider effectively uses the cloud to manage tens of thousands of terabytes of data.
By 02:17 pm September 26, 2017
This executive summary busts the myth that physical access implies security, showing how the cloud offers many security advantages over an on-premise IT infrastructure.
By 02:14 pm September 26, 2017
This executive summary highlights how game-changing cloud technology is allowing industry stakeholders to work together in a simple, coordinated and innovative way.
By 02:11 pm September 26, 2017
Healthcare relationship management platform provider is leveraging the cloud to enable its customers to streamline data interchanges for complex population health initiatives.
By 02:05 pm September 26, 2017
This executive summary illustrates three compelling reasons why CIOs are making the investment to migrate to the cloud.
By 11:13 am September 25, 2017
This webinar shows why New England's largest and busiest trauma and emergency services provider turned to the cloud when it needed to address its HR and payroll challenges, and how a cloud-based system can positively impact your organization.
By 11:08 am September 25, 2017
In this report, a finance and human resources software expert answers six key questions from Becker's Hospital Review about how cloud-based systems can increase efficiency and provide better insight and control into a hospital's bottom line.
By Atlantic 02:04 pm September 05, 2017
Various virtualization technologies provide myriad benefits customizable to fit a variety of organizational needs. This paper details the basics and types of virtualization, as well as ten motivations for switching to a private cloud solution.
By 02:58 pm August 30, 2017
Much of health systems' fast-paced consolidation is driven by the recent push to embrace EHR systems. This solution brief shows how healthcare IT teams can safely and easily extend their existing environment into newly acquired environments.

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