Cloud Computing

By Palo Alto Networks 05:26 pm January 04, 2017
Gain visibility into network to improve security and safely enable application access.
By Palo Alto Networks 05:06 pm January 04, 2017
Delta Holding was attacked on several occasions by ransomware, which disrupted productivity and required added expense to protect vital data on separate backup systems. The Company also needed three separate systems to protect its users.
By Microsoft 12:23 pm December 16, 2016
Keep your data safe and make your workforce more productive as you move applications and workflow to the cloud.
By Microsoft 12:21 pm December 16, 2016
A high percentage of companies will face cyber attacks this year. To stay one step ahead, deploy a four-step approach to your cyber security program.
By ClearDATA 01:49 pm November 04, 2016
Who's responsible for the confidentiality, integrity and availability of protected health information as it moves across the cloud supply chain? This paper reviews HIPAA compliance, Business Associate Agreements and cloud service model fundamentals.
By Healthcare IT News 12:17 pm December 30, 2015
Learn how proactive monitoring for the health and performance of complex IT databases and systems can help improve patient care. The key to effective monitoring is to detect issues before they impact critical systems, and therefore impact patients.
By Healthcare IT News 01:23 pm November 20, 2015
Today's organizations want more agility and capacity without increasing management time or costs. This solutions brief shows how a hybrid environment builds on existing investments, allowing you to incorporate new innovations at your own pace.
By Healthcare IT News 10:27 am November 13, 2015
If patient health information (PHI) is the family jewels of healthcare data, then healthcare IT leaders must step up their vigilance in defending the castle against threats. And in today's increasingly cloud-centric IT environment, healthcare organizations must be increasingly creative and comprehensive in protecting PHI data from resourceful and...
By Healthcare IT News 02:48 pm November 06, 2015
Under an emerging new model of advanced analytics, enabled healthcare clinicians, staff and executives are creating data-driven cultures that drive pervasive insights actionable against their clinical and operational goals.
By Healthcare IT News 02:51 pm November 03, 2015
This case study shows how a New Jersey-based health plan provider transformed its datacenter and simplified administrative processes for both hospitals and patients, to meet new accountable care demands mandated by US federal regulations.

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