Cloud Computing

By 12:00 pm October 18, 2018
Join us to learn how leading healthcare organizations are using enterprise cloud solutions to accelerate innovation and create a more efficient and productive healthcare environment.
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By 06:21 pm October 17, 2018
With all the hype around predictive analytics, it's easy to lose sight of the potential behind the trend. But as an August 2018 HIMSS Media report suggests and this executive summary describes, health organizations are looking past the hype into a reality that offers new insights and promises better outcomes, even with obstacles strewn along...
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By 09:53 am October 04, 2018
Moving beyond basic infrastructure on demand to strategic innovations, this more prevalent cloud has become as an asset rather than a liability for coping with pervasive cybersecurity threats and a value proposition for accelerating technologies such as AI and machine learning, as shown in this comprehensive smartpaper.
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By 05:52 pm September 21, 2018
As patients' healthcare records have become the most sought-after type of data for hackers to target, there is mounting pressure on healthcare IT professionals to not only safeguard this valuable information, but to also keep their company compliant.
Enterprise Data Protection
By 06:00 pm September 10, 2018
Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations need scalable, flexible data management tools for increasing data volumes governed by complex business and regulatory requirements. This case study shows how a specialized solution provides secure data management aligned to industry requirements.
Leveraging Cloud to Revolutionize Health IT
By 02:00 pm August 14, 2018
Join us to discuss how Virtustream Healthcare Cloud enables providers to run their EMR environment in a HIPAA/HITECH-compliant cloud purpose-built for mission-critical enterprise applications.
Securing Healthcare through Identity and the Cloud
By 02:00 pm June 28, 2018
In this webinar, Sandy Dalal, Director of Identity and Access Management Services at Allergan, and Krystal Wang, product evangelist at Okta, will explore the role of identity in healthcare security frameworks.
By Okta 11:57 am June 07, 2018
This annual report offers an in-depth look into how healthcare employees, partners, contractors and customers are adopting secure, reliable new technology to be productive with various apps and services, successfully fueling the industry's evolution.
By Okta 11:53 am June 07, 2018
Although portals allow patients to engage in their health virtually anywhere and at any time, user access friction commonly limits their true potential. This solutions brief shows how to solve these core usability issues and increase portal adoption.
By 11:00 am March 29, 2018
The healthcare industry faces increased attacks from cybercriminals, and risky end-user behaviors are only exacerbating the threat.

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