Cloud Computing

By Healthcare IT News 02:22 pm February 19, 2015
Organizations that hire contractors or independent clinicians typically have no choice but to support BYOD programs. Unfortunately, Mobile Device Management (MDM), doesn't work for these types of environments -- only one MDM profile can be installed on a device, while many clinicians at multiple healthcare locations.
By Healthcare IT News 08:36 am February 18, 2015
When hackers steal patient data, it's a big story. When a laptop is stolen from the local hospital ... not so much. Hacking accounts for only 23% of healthcare data breaches, whereas loss or theft of mobile devices, accounts for 68% of breaches.
By Healthcare IT News 11:05 am November 07, 2014
Delivering IT in healthcare can be challenging. Supporting clinicians that are ever more mobile, administering systems that become more complex each day, and dealing with tighter budgets are all in your days work. You know that every minute of inefficiency is costing your hospital money, and maybe worse, creating satisfaction, security or even...
By Healthcare IT News 11:02 am November 07, 2014
Recently, a powerful trend toward "patient engagement" has emerged driving transformation in how healthcare providers deliver services to those most impacted by healthcare decisions: patients. While this potential revolution in provider/patient relationships is taking place, healthcare IT organizations are facing serious challenges of their own....
By Healthcare IT News 09:21 am November 07, 2014
IT departments today are finding themselves squarely at the epicenter of healthcare compliance scrutiny. One of the many regulations to which they must adhere is “meaningful use,” which ties financial incentives to usage of electronic health records as part of the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Program. Now, with meaningful use deadlines fast...
By Healthcare IT News 09:25 am October 15, 2014
The shift from fee-for-service to value-based care is creating significant financial and performance pressures for healthcare providers. As Health IT leaders work to harness cloud, Big Data, mobile, and social technology to optimize their EMR, building a trusted hybrid cloud infrastructure lays the foundation for team-based care. In this...
By Healthcare IT News 03:53 pm September 22, 2014
Learn how Mater Health improves access to clinical data with a virtual desktop environment built on robust Dell Wyse zero clients. Benefits experienced by Mater include improved speed of initial access to clinical data by 80% and projected increase of endpoint lifespan by 50%.
By Healthcare IT News 03:48 pm September 22, 2014
Examine the total economic impact that you can realize by using Dell™ Mobile Clinical Computing (MCC). Discover how Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare (TMH) achieved clinical efficiency, data security and IT productivity by implementing Dell MCC.
By Healthcare IT News 08:57 am August 27, 2014
Motivated by the success of other industries and the rapidly evolving health information technology landscape, healthcare organizations are investigating and evaluating cloud solutions. Cost savings, flexibility, performance and scalability are some of the key benefits other highly regulated institutions, such as financial services and government...
By Healthcare IT News 02:49 pm May 20, 2014
Cloud computing is still a nascent market in the healthcare industry, yet healthcare organizations are beginning to incorporate the ability to use remote servers and networks to store, manage and process data into their short- and long-term plans. This in depth paper with actionable insight from industry leading speakers at the executive briefing...