Cloud Computing

By Healthcare IT News 02:38 pm November 03, 2015
This article discusses how a new standard addresses the collective concern around the control, privacy and security of healthcare data, especially when stored and maintained with third-party IT cloud providers.
By Healthcare IT News 02:20 pm November 03, 2015
With top-performing organizations twice as likely to attribute their competitiveness to sophisticated analytics, it's no surprise that health organizations are using them to improve performance in processes, compliance and caring for more patients.
By Healthcare IT News 02:06 pm November 03, 2015
This blog post examines what standards and certifications the health industry expects from vendors such as Microsoft, the first major cloud services provider to offer regulated entities an industry co-developed HIPAA Business Associate Agreement.
By Healthcare IT News 10:01 am July 01, 2015
mHealth, telemedicine, EHRs and other technologies can help healthcare control costs, increase access and improve the quality of care. This paper shows how health IT can become fast enough for Big Data analytics, agile enough for anywhere, any device access, and secure enough to meet industry regulations.
By Healthcare IT News 01:59 pm May 19, 2015
The combination of complex IT needs and stringent regulatory requirements makes it challenging for healthcare organizations to understand how to leverage the benefits of the cloud while still maintaining compliance. This on-demand webinar offers five ways your organization can ensure a HIPAA-compliant healthcare cloud.
By Healthcare IT News 01:41 pm May 19, 2015
According to a 2014 HIMSS Analytics Cloud Survey, there are quite a few obstacles to overcome before cloud computing becomes ubiquitous across the healthcare industry, including concerns over security, availability and uptime. This white paper takes an in-depth look at cloud computing and how organizations can best overcome lingering hurdles to...
By Healthcare IT News 03:05 pm May 11, 2015
Best Practices in Cloud Computing for the Healthcare Industry is your roadmap to leveraging all the benefits of cloud computing while ensuring the highest standards in PHI security and HIPAA compliance.
By Healthcare IT News 03:28 pm February 26, 2015
Craft an optimized cloud security plan using the proven framework in this guide. These seven sequential steps enable healthcare organizations to structure security and compliance programs that take advantage of the financial benefits of managed cloud applications and services while meeting security and compliance goals.
By Healthcare IT News 04:24 pm February 25, 2015
The modern BCDR discipline presents exceptional opportunities to increase efficiency, lower costs, and reduce risk. For IT organizations contemplating a makeover of their BCDR operations, this whitepaper reviews key principles and practices that should be factored into go-forward plans. A BCDR plan must be a living, breathing strategy that is...
By Healthcare IT News 09:42 am February 20, 2015
Healthcare providers are responsible for securing data on endpoint devices, and for ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations. This becomes even more challenging when 90% of practitioners use their personal smartphones for work.