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By 01:00 pm March 02, 2020
The cloud is coming to enterprise imaging. How and when it does are core components of any long-term plan. What components can be shifted to the cloud now? What portions will need to wait? How do you evaluate your technology partner’s solutions, and do they meet your needs every step of the way?
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By 05:33 pm October 31, 2019
Although healthcare organizations have tried to leverage modern technology, many have not looked at the transformation from a systems approach. This has left rudimentary technology still operating throughout healthcare, which points to the need for a digital transformation. The hope is that healthcare organizations will now spend time designing...
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By 05:31 pm October 09, 2019
An outdated fallacy about the cloud may be holding back your organization. Today, the nearly ubiquitous cloud is opening up possibilities for personalized medicine and data-driven advancements in healthcare.
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By 05:28 pm October 09, 2019
As CIOs across healthcare strive to find ways to optimize their business models, grow their revenue and reach, and reduce costs, they are turning to the public cloud for improved agility, data sharing and analytics insights. But they must be aware of many misunderstandings that surround the modern cloud.
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By 05:18 pm March 15, 2019
A recent HIMSS Media survey of IT decision-makers at U.S. hospitals revealed that hospitals continue to adopt the cloud at a rapid pace and that concerns around cost, data management and the desire for modern IT infrastructure are driving adoption. Download this survey report to learn more about the findings of this survey.
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By 12:00 pm January 24, 2019
Understand the latest healthcare cloud computing trends before attending HIMSS19.
By Okta 11:57 am June 07, 2018
This annual report offers an in-depth look into how healthcare employees, partners, contractors and customers are adopting secure, reliable new technology to be productive with various apps and services, successfully fueling the industry's evolution.
By Okta 11:53 am June 07, 2018
Although portals allow patients to engage in their health virtually anywhere and at any time, user access friction commonly limits their true potential. This solutions brief shows how to solve these core usability issues and increase portal adoption.
By Commvault 02:11 pm January 23, 2018
Based on a recent survey, this paper reveals results that can help providers assess their progress and compare it to that of others.
By Armor 02:00 pm October 26, 2017
In this webinar, you’ll learn where the cloud providers responsibilities end and yours begin, and how a solution such as Armor can help reduce the burden of the shared responsibility model.  

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