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By 12:00 pm November 13, 2019
Cybersecurity in healthcare is about people, not technology. In the cloud era, keeping your patients safe means protecting clinicians and patients from cloud threats and data loss. A people-centric approach to security helps you identify people and data at-risk and provide the tools needed to stay alert and...
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By 12:20 pm October 21, 2019
Despite widespread EHR usage, many clinicians and care teams still struggle with exchanging information. And although interoperability promises to unite data across various sites, every organization is different, requiring a tailored interoperability solution to fit their specific needs.
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By 05:31 pm October 09, 2019
An outdated fallacy about the cloud may be holding back your organization. Today, the nearly ubiquitous cloud is opening up possibilities for personalized medicine and data-driven advancements in healthcare.
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By 05:28 pm October 09, 2019
As CIOs across healthcare strive to find ways to optimize their business models, grow their revenue and reach, and reduce costs, they are turning to the public cloud for improved agility, data sharing and analytics insights. But they must be aware of many misunderstandings that surround the modern cloud.
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By 11:00 am September 18, 2019
For healthcare organizations, overcoming challenges around clinical gaps in care, interoperability, data security and regulatory compliance are critical to success.
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By 04:37 pm September 06, 2019
Healthcare organizations are making larger IT investments, particularly in technologies supporting data analytics. And cloud adoption is accelerating. Yet some confusion remains among healthcare stakeholders on how to best leverage cloud technologies for their organizations.
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By 01:00 pm August 06, 2019
HITRUST certification has become critical for healthcare partners in order to manage HIPAA security and compliance requirements. In this webinar, Cloudticity CEO Gerry Miller will explore the benefits of HITRUST and how the cloud can reduce the cost, complexity, and timeline of certification. His guest will be Mike Parisi, Vice...
By 01:00 pm June 19, 2019
Join Industry Analyst and Thought Leader, Zeus Karavalla of ZK Research, as he reveals ZK Research’s brand new paper on cloud communications in healthcare. Also joining is Lance Mehaffey, Healthcare Industry Principal at RingCentral, for an expert view on how cloud communications are improving patient experience, maximizing staff utilization...
Machine Learning
By 11:00 am June 06, 2019
Data science is quickly becoming a key component in supporting a digitally-enhanced, data-driven healthcare industry. Many organizations are looking to cloud-enabled platforms to supports foundational machine learning and artificial intelligence tools and modalities (image, voice, etc.) that enable a variety of tasks in the healthcare industry....
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By 05:32 pm May 10, 2019
Partnering with an ever-increasing number of vendors moving applications and data services to the cloud, UPMC found it ineffective to individually assess the information security and compliance of each vendor. Ultimately they were able to streamline the process, eliminate confusion, reduce supply chain risk, and increase the security posture of...

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