Cloud Computing

By John Halamka 08:35 am September 22, 2014
John Halamka, MD, shares his thoughts about Apple's latest release, the iPhone 6.
By Kurt Hagerman 01:51 pm June 24, 2014
When it comes to leveraging the cloud for healthcare IT, I see two prevailing dynamics over and over. The first is that most organizations understand the benefits of the cloud very well. But when it comes to enjoying those benefits by partnering with the right provider, these same organizations are frequently lost.
By Paddy Padmanabhan 11:47 am May 15, 2014
With limited budgets and ever-increasing demands for efficiency and service, how can healthcare payers and providers ensure that their analytics delivers against investments?
By Matt Smith 02:00 pm April 30, 2014
Cloud solutions can offer the power to perform clinical data analysis at a fast and more cost-effective rate than ever before.
By Karin Ratchinsky 12:48 pm March 25, 2014
With each form of transport there are benefits and costs, and just as you weigh options when making travel plans, healthcare organizations need to do the same to determine what connectivity type is the right fit.
By John Halamka 09:19 am February 27, 2014
During HIMSS14 I met with numerous companies, leaders and fellow IT professionals. The theme I heard frequently was the need for care management/population health applications based on data acquisition, normalization, mining and workflow.
By Kurt Hagerman 08:23 am November 14, 2013
Healthcare cloud security goes beyond protecting sensitive personal information to ensuring the availability of critical medical data that can be the difference between life or death.
By Chris Davis 08:18 am September 20, 2013
Organizations are showing a remarkable appetite to innovate using the latest in cloud technology, but also concerns over whether the cloud is secure enough to protect electronic patient health information. And everyone wants to know - is my service provider compliant?
By Lee Bendekgey 08:14 am September 04, 2013
There is no question that the resources required to process, analyze, and manage petabytes of genomic information represent a huge burden. That burden becomes even greater when one factors in the need to handle these data in compliance with an alphabet soup of regulatory regimes.
By August Calhoun 08:23 am August 29, 2013
If you’re a healthcare provider who has shied away from the cloud due to security concerns, you could be making a grave mistake. In fact, moving to the cloud can increase data security.

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