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Telemedicine eases work-life balance for solo practitioner, adds revenue stream

Jensen Family Medicine.

By Bill Siwicki 12:27 pm February 04, 2020
800 of Dr. Scott Jensen’s patients have thus far opted for virtual visits in rural Arizona. The telehealth tech has an easy ROI, he says, and boosts patient satisfaction.
Doctor helping consumer with medical record.
By 05:23 pm January 28, 2020
Digital health requires a healthy data pipeline that’s aggregated, normalized, and deduplicated, and ready to be integrated into workflows across the health ecosystem for care coordination, analytics and machine learning.
By Nathan Eddy 11:13 am January 28, 2020
Improvements in patient outcomes and population health will be enabled as a culture of data-driven decisionmaking takes root and quality improvement processes mature.
By Nathan Eddy 11:00 am January 27, 2020
While cloud vendors offer a basic infrastructure environment, it’s up to the healthcare client to design it and own it, says BIDMC's Manu Tandon.
By Nathan Eddy 10:57 am January 23, 2020
Artificial intelligence will also continue to be a big focus, as it becomes more clear which startups are succeeding in their initial target sectors. VCs are also eyeing genomics analytics tools, as well as other more practical technologies.
By Nathan Eddy 10:42 am January 21, 2020
While there is a large and growing market for remote patient monitoring technologies, with particular benefits for the older population, simplification of connection technologies – Bluetooth for one – will be key to the broader adoption of RPM in 2020.
In 2020, AI will aid administrators and CISOs will refresh internal security
By Bill Siwicki 03:25 pm January 20, 2020
An expert at AI-based cloud fax tech vendor Concord Technologies offers his look ahead at the year – focusing on AI, cybersecurity and interoperability.
By Mike Miliard 03:02 pm January 20, 2020
At HIMSS20, they'll show how RPM introduces new security risks outside the walls of the hospital – and show how controls can be implemented to help safeguard patients’ privacy as they're cared for in the home.
By Nathan Eddy 12:17 pm January 20, 2020
The company is focused on "infrastructure the Epic community uses today and is likely to use in the future," according to a statement received by CNBC.
Google Cloud says HIMSS20 attendees should eye AI, interoperability and security
By Bill Siwicki 11:45 am January 16, 2020
The cloud giant’s director of product, healthcare and life sciences discusses these three trends and why they will be important at the big HIMSS20 event.