Cloud Computing

By Nathan Eddy 11:23 am April 16, 2020
As opportunistic attacks ramp up, the groups offer recommendations for VPNs and cloud-based services, coronavirus-themed phishing emails, telehealth deployments, and medical device security.
By Nathan Eddy 01:26 pm April 14, 2020
The cybersecurity program will be made available to hospitals, clinics, labs, frontline providers, device manufacturers and life sciences companies that are researching treatments.
By Susan Morse 10:34 am April 09, 2020
Walgreens Find Care now includes a COVID-19 risk assessment, powered by Microsoft Healthcare Bot on Microsoft Azure.
By Mike Miliard 09:00 am April 09, 2020
Covered entities and their cloud-service providers both have jobs to do when it comes to protecting hosted patient data – and have to strike a balance deciding who does what.
By Nathan Eddy 11:24 am April 08, 2020
Intelligence agencies, security firms and Big Tech giants and all ringing alarm bells over the growing threat from cybercriminals in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic – with ransomware attacks, opportunistic phishing threats and other malicious activities all threatening heal
By Nathan Eddy 10:41 am March 26, 2020
"EHR disaster preparedness testing in the future will need to be able to simulate large volumes of patients over long periods of time," says one nursing informatics consultant.
By Mike Miliard 04:00 pm March 24, 2020
The private-sector collaborative includes EHR vendors (Epic, athenahealth), Big Tech (AWS, Microsoft), health systems (Mayo, Intermountain) and many others, all working to speed development of "secure, ethical, innovative, open source" tools to combat the crisis.
By Nathan Eddy 12:02 pm March 23, 2020
Backed by an initial investment of $20 million, the project is open to accredited research institutions and private entities using AWS to support development of point-of-care diagnostics.
To combat COVID-19, LogMeIn offers free emergency remote work kits for healthcare providers
By Bill Siwicki 11:35 am March 12, 2020
The social-distancing effort also applies to educational institutions, municipalities and nonprofit organizations.
By Nathan Eddy 03:52 pm March 11, 2020
"Zero trust flips the security model: Instead of 'trust but verify,' organizations 'always verify but never trust,'" one security expert explains.