Cloud Ideagram.
By 02:00 pm June 04, 2020
Most providers have completed the initial steps of their cloud journey. Their cloud experience is transitioning from cloud adoption into a complete transformation of their technology and related processes. Providers are now moving to a cloud-first strategy, one where data centers will reside entirely on some form of the cloud. As a result,...
Robot shaking hands with a human.
By 02:00 pm April 19, 2020
GE Healthcare and Roche are dedicated to bringing you the digital and AI technology solutions that bring efficiency and insights for decision making, that help you keep your focus right where it’s always been: On your patients.
senior using laptop
By 02:51 pm April 14, 2020
Learn how to enable organizational responsiveness and business continuity in these challenging times. Microsoft’s Healthcare and Life Sciences team demonstrates how organizations can manage internal crisis response and communication as well as focusing on how healthcare providers can manage patient and community outreach as part of their...
Doctors looking at a brain scan
By 01:54 pm April 14, 2020
Healthcare organizations are defining new ways to provide healthcare services—free of the burdens of on-premises infrastructure and yesterday’s workplace tools. Improving collaboration and communication is a critical component to successfully delivering proactive health, wellness and care in the new patient paradigm.
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By 05:11 pm February 19, 2020
Machine learning and artificial intelligence are shaping the future of healthcare as they analyze patient treatments and predict patient outcomes.
Doctor using smartphone.
By 10:00 am November 12, 2019
Successful telehealth innovation has proven to be difficult to achieve for most organizations as they are currently engaged in siloed pilots and use cases. The implementation of organization-wide telehealth strategy that enables them to scale and transform virtual care has proven to be difficult to accomplish.
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By 11:00 am April 25, 2019
Going live on a new Electronic Health Record (EHR) is one of the most critical aspects of the overall implementation project. It HAS to be successful. The costs and morale issues associated with a go-live gone bad are significant. That is why it is important to be armed with best practices to help ensure your success. Selecting the right vendor...
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By WelchAllyn 11:22 am March 29, 2019
A resting ECG is a common test in physician offices today. And as the standard of care for initial assessment of many heart conditions, it's key to ensure everyone involved remembers some key fundamentals. The question is: how confident are you that everyone involved in your ECG workflow is aware of and compliant with the important steps that...
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By WelchAllyn 11:20 am March 29, 2019
Standardizing technologies and processes can go a long way toward providing the best, most efficient patient care. But when it comes to clinically driven decisions such as which ECG devices to support across your care settings, standardization may not always be the answer. In this paper, a vital signs and cardiology solutions expert shares several...
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By WelchAllyn 11:17 am March 29, 2019
From watches tracking steps to phones recording health data, wearable technology is now a part of our everyday lives. The rising popularity of wearable devices can even be seen in the physician's office as clinicians begin to leverage wearable technology trends to benefit their patients and their practices.