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Too many hospitals and healthcare providers "really don't prepare – never mind practice – for a cyber event," says Candy Alexander.

By Chuck Green 02:13 pm July 14, 2016
While payers and large health systems have detailed protocols in place to prepare for and deal with breaches and security incidents, many hospitals and practices "don't even have plans in place."

"We're analytical. We're high-tech. We can provide insights that others cannot," said UPMC's James Szilagy of the health system's new supply chain company.

By Bernie Monegain 10:17 am July 08, 2016
With an eye toward taking the healthcare supply chain to new levels, UPMC on July 8 launched Pensiamo, a new company whose goal is to help hospitals improve the supply chain, where costs are high and getting higher.
By Jessica Davis 12:05 pm July 07, 2016
Proposed legislation would elevate Health and Human Services' CISO from its current position under the CIO. Whether it passes or not, the notion is raising questions about typical reporting structures in the healthcare C-suite.
Big Data and Healthcare Analytics
By Mike Moran 11:38 am June 20, 2016
The conference, which is seeking actionable, practical and solutions-based presentations and case studies, will take place in Boston during October. 

"Where worms, viruses, and Dos/DDoS were of the center of attention roughly four years ago, we're now dealing with nation state attacks, IoT compromises and Ransomware," said Raytheon's Alison Kidd. "The game has shifted to be one of complete control, instead of disruption."

By Jessica Davis 11:29 am June 20, 2016
'Most managed security services don't provide proactive threat hunting, advanced analytics and incident response as part of their core offerings.'
Data scientist analytics

University of Mississippi Medical Center CHIO John Showalter, MD, recommended that hospitals train analytics specialists on existing tools and avoid buying software the team is not equipped to really use. 

By Tom Sullivan 08:05 am June 16, 2016
Skillsets are changing rapidly. Hospitals must move quickly to keep pace. Experts from Advocate, Geisinger, University of California San Francisco and University of Mississippi Medical Center share best practices and lessons learned. 
Data visualization
By Mike Miliard 07:42 pm June 14, 2016
At the HIMSS Big Data and Healthcare Analytics Forum, design and data visualization guru Teresa Larsen shows how to present information clearly, accurately and attractively.
Medical University South Carolina predictive analytics workforce
By Jeff Lagasse 07:22 am June 10, 2016
MUSC said the Avantas services can help it determine patient capacity and labor needs 120 days into the future. 
By Jessica Davis 09:16 am June 09, 2016
Fewer than half of healthcare organizations participating in a recent survey are currently using C&BI tools. But HIMSS Analytics anticipates that the shift to value-based care and advances in predictive and prescriptive analytics technologies could change that in the near-term.

HITRUST CEO Daniel Nutkis

By Bernie Monegain 11:26 am June 08, 2016
Healthcare organizations can better prepare for – and respond faster to – new and emerging cyber threats when improved information sharing plays a bigger role in their cyber defense strategies, according to HITRUST.

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