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Executive meeting with doctor
By Susan Morse 03:41 pm January 14, 2020
KLAS rated firms Evolent Health, Lumeris, Caravan Health, Conifer Health Solutions, Arcadia, Health Catalyst, HealthEC and Lightbeam.
By Dave Muoio 12:27 pm January 08, 2020
Also: Ooda Health's CEO shuffle; CMMI's new director.
Contract modeling tech helps Owensboro Health steer clear of a costly deal
By Bill Siwicki 12:12 pm January 08, 2020
The health system’s biggest payer presented it with a contract the payer said would net Owensboro $12 million a year. The health system’s financial IT said something quite different.
Tech Optimization: secrets to getting the most from IT consulting engagements
By Bill Siwicki 12:30 pm December 19, 2019
Five health IT consultants with decades of experience offer healthcare C-suite and IT leaders expert advice on how best to work with outside consultants and get the most bang for the buck.
Anah Santiago of Christiana Care Health System, Omar Khawaja of HM Health Solutions, Denise Anderson of H-ISAC and Brian Selfridge of Meditology Services, discuss risk management at the Healthcare Security Forum in Boston.
By Susan Morse 04:39 pm December 09, 2019
IT security is a legacy word, says Brian Selfridge: "This isn't cybersecurity, this is risk."
Healthcare Security Forum
By Jeff Lagasse 04:35 pm December 09, 2019
Risk can have a profound impact on the financial health of any organization, where sensitive information is often hosted on outside servers.
Woman doctor directing nurse
By Laura Lovett 02:51 pm December 03, 2019
A Rock Health report found that the percentage of female partners at digital health VC firms only rose from 12.2% to 12.6%, while deals closed by women-led startups rose 13.4% to 14%.
By Bill Siwicki 12:21 pm November 08, 2019
Six healthcare artificial intelligence experts offer best practice suggestions for CIOs and other health IT leaders seeking to fine-tune their AI systems.
Tech optimization: fine-tuning approaches to healthcare analytics
By Bill Siwicki 01:03 pm November 01, 2019
In this special feature story, three analytics experts offer healthcare CIOs and other IT leaders some best practices for getting analytics to work.
McLaren Health Care reduces lab tests per patient per day by 5.6%, saving $383,000

McLaren Health Care.

By Bill Siwicki 02:07 pm October 31, 2019
Partnering with two firms focused on lab analytics and building a High-Value Care program, the health system within 15 months reduced unnecessary potassium tests by 63%, unnecessary magnesium tests by 40%, and unnecessary lipid panels by 40%.

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